Empyrean Tier Legendaries - Official Discussion Thread


all these questions are nice but the dragons are still pretty bad from a mechanical standpoint


So it looks like 380 to breed Mythics huh?


Guess not, it’s 380 :sob::sob::sob:


What about the incubator?


Incubator is 360. You can breed the legendaries at level 13, just checked.


Then they are probably using this as a way to stage the mythics at 380


Arelyna confirmed it was 360, which seems accurate, since I’m 371 and it gives me the Upgrade button:


That’s exactly what my first thought was… Pretty sure with other tiers you could breed the legendaries from the previous tier, but as soon as you need to breed the new tier together for Mythics you had to upgrade castle


Up until level 14 the castle and incubator always had the same level req.


Yeah, and also as a big F U to everyone that’s been complaining about the 300 wall.


I’ve been plugging along through the 300s and got to 357. Just 4-5 levels per event. Everyone else can eventually get there also​:man_shrugging:t2::man_shrugging:t2:. But if 380 is true for Mythics that’s gonna suck.


Well unless they changed something, you won’t be able to breed a mythic Empyrean without breeding two legendary Emps together, and that will require a level 14 castle (i.e., player level 380 or above).


Shouldn’t it be 393 for legendaries?
Harbinger was 333, Vanguard 363…


The level gap between the incubator and breeding castle is pretty ridiculous imo. The possibility of not even being able to breed two legendaries together to get a different legendary empyrean until level 380 is insane.


@Arelyna @Crisis

Are there going to be backbreeds added to the Mythic Vangaurds as well like there was for other tiers?

For example, mythic harbinger requires 2 vanguard legendaries. So can we expect 2 of these 6 new legendaries to backbreed mythic vangaurds???

This info would be very helpful!!! I don’t want to breed another mythic vangaurd at full price when a backbreed from empyrean will be released soon???

Thanks in advance and keep up the good work!


I am not sure but this tier sucks compared to the vanguards.
I don’t see any warrior in the Empyrean that matches Jotun, no sorcerer to match Altimorak. Maybe Tuktu matches Redrian and … that’s it.


Well there’s only one warrior in this release, maybe we can hope for a better mythic? These are only the legendaries.


There are two warriors in Empyrean and yes, I compared legendaries with legendaries. I hope the mythics are better… but rumors are they will not be


:see_no_evil: I saw the second as a sorcerer. My bad. Let’s hope the rumors are not true…for once!


I have heard not so good comments of this new tier. Does anyone have any videos available?? :facepunch::man_pilot: