Empyrean Tier Legendaries - Official Discussion Thread


Methalex get a last minute change? Chunky lug to Godzilla like :fearful:


I dont know if it has been answered, saw the incubator to lvl 14 is player level 360. However the breeding castle (lvl 14) requires a player level 380. 380 will be the required minimum to have mythics emp.


Really hoping the tier discounts will be adjusted with empyrean releasing.


They have already said no, not this event.


@arelyna is the level difference in being able to upgrade incubator at 360, but not being able to upgrade castle until 380 intended?


I’m not sure why it’s such a surprise that you can breed vanguards to get legendary empyreons at one level, but can’t breed legendary empyreons to get mythics until later.
Anytime there’s a power jump (like legendary to mythic) there should be an increase in player requirements.
& haven’t higher levels (400+) been complaining that they can’t hit the 300s back for what the 300s hit them for, despite having the same dragons? We need this stretch to separate the 300s from the 400s.
The 400s deserve that imo.


To date there hasn’t been much difference between 350 and 400+ so creating a dividing line between the two makes sense to me. There has to be a reason to keep leveling your base as it pertains to the dragons you fly.


I don’t quite understand what you are saying… but I do remember the times when Obsidians where available at incubator/castle level 10 then suddenly PG decided to make those level 11. What I find different now than then is the fact that the Incubator and the Castle now have a 20 levels gap. Nothing stops PG to make both constructions to be available starting 360 but to get a mythic only at 380 level. Why change this ? Just to screw people over the timers ?!?


Because it’s never been done before and it affects back breeds. In all of the previous tiers, it has been the same level to level up castle and incubator. This is a change, thus it’s surprising.


The incentive to upgrade is always there… because of the Den cap and the dragons. There is no need of a gap between the two constructions : incubator and castle. PG just screw people by putting in place the gap so that the players are forced to use timers to speed up the castle instead of letting the castle build at its own pace.


Fair enough


Seems to me that breeding is far behind players ability to level bases though… Not that I want more breeding tiers, but bases have far outpaced dragons…

More dragons within a tier and extended over a wider range of levels would counter this… not sure if it’s a bad idea or not though.


cough Itzani cough
cough Surt cough cough


What it means is that someone like me, that is between 360 and 380 can’t breed two Emps together to get either a backbreed or another Emp. Thus, I must take a more inefficient path or chose to wait. It’s just another instance of PG saying they care about the 300 wall and then taking an action that shows that not only do they not care, but they are actively making progression MORE difficult. Fifty post-300 levels to go from breeding two Vans together to breeding two Emps together is insane, disgusting, and inexcusable.


I’d rather do that than have players your level hatching mythic Empyreons.
Imo it’s been unhealthy for this player bracket to have no difference in tower and dragon requirements, and yet the anti-griefing measures still prevent the higher players in that bracket from hitting lower.
I can’t expert the empyreons at my current level. Still need another two before I can breed them together. & I am perfectly fine with that


Yes I could have phrased that better…

I was more looking at level being associated with tier. But it’s tower strength, so level loses its relevance I think.


Well, I am convinced that this decision was motivated by greed rather than any attempt to improve the health of the game, but unless PG chimes in, we will never know. We will both be over 380 by the time mythic divines come out, so I guess it makes no difference for either of us. Really should thank PG for saving me speedups, since there’s no reason to rush hatching these dragons or even rush the incubator if I can’t breed them together and progress efficiently.

EDIT: I’ll withhold my judgment until we get confirmation as to whether this was intentional or not.


Seems legit, if you want it all and want it now, PG is happy to drain you like a starving vampire. Grab some garlic and wait a bit. :grin:


Not really.

It’s the opposite, but it really depends on what you consider competitive for your level. By definition, your competitors relative to your level are the same level, so possibly what you are seeing is the investment in gear for bases causing you trouble more, and your dragon gear may be lacking compared to bases.

Personally I think there is too much inflation, which has led to too much variance within a level. Gear is only part of the problem, but all evidence shows when you have equal dragon gear vs equal defense gear with proper dragons for those tower levels, the bases are weaker than they have ever been by comparison.


Yes I did not explain to what I was seeing very well.

I was more referencing that there are lvl 400, 500 and 600 bases without any corresponding increase in dragon power.