Empyrean Tier Legendaries - Official Discussion Thread



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Oh yeah, but to be fair a lot of those levels over 400 are just towers in storage. But for sure dragons are allowed to be maxed at a lower level than bases are possible to be maxed.


To my knowledge, I don’t think so, but @PGLawson might be better for shedding more light on this though.


Yah, I’m not a big fan of clutter, and it bothers me this lack of efficiency. It creates disparity between player bases that started later and those that started earlier.

I hope that when they bring out the new towers that they will come up with a way to recycle the xp from the towers pre-flak. Doesn’t affect me personally too much, I was lucky in that I found a building guide fairly early, but I do not believe that a player should be penalized for mistakes and changes in game play forever.

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There is an easy fix that solves both issues that has not been stated yet though. Why not add another level to the castle or incubator to stop people level 360-380 from getting mythic empyreans?

The way the castle is capped until 380 now REQUIRES me to spend an extra 550k tokens compared to someone who is level 380 right now.

Why not make breeding the same dragons a fair cost between levels?


That would be wonderful, though I assume its too late to change it for this breeding event, right? I’d love to hear from @PGLawson about it one way or the other.


Don’t you have to wait to lvl and backbreed or pay full price to get it now common across all tiers, or am I not understanding y’all?


1-6 maxed is lvl 511 odd atm


What I am saying is that levels 360-379 the only way to get more than two empyreans is to use a vanguard mythic + legendary. This means that if you are breeding empyreans at these levels you are required to breed every vanguard mythic also.

Level 380+ only needs to breed one vanguard mythic, and then can breed empyrean + empyrean to get a new dragon.

Which equals a 550k token difference between being able to breed all legendaries.


Isn’t it still the same?
Red’s Best

Can get Quetz at 90, but backbreed is 126
Can get Gorgonus at 108, but backbreed is 154

The 380+’s are just already at the 126/154 level…

Edit: @SKADE I think you mentioned 50+ lvl difference between getting and backbreeding? Sapp Gorgonus is 46 lvls in this example.

Edit: I see what y’all saying now, :man_shrugging:Just different then before, test they’ll analyze and see what they think?


There is no backbreed issue though, it is a breed issue. 380+ can skip two mythic vanguards of their choosing without ever having to breed them. On the other hand 360-379 has to breed every single vanguard mythic to get all legendary empyreans.


I said “post-300 levels.” 46 levels in the 74-197 player-level range is about 1.88m XP, even if we round it to 2m, that’s only 5 post-300 levels.


This is actually a good question. Since Pathox has Spectral Form as a means to safely cast spells and generate massive amounts of rage, Pathox relies more heavily on Crippling Chill and uses it much more often than Tuktu uses Cold Snap. Since Pathox uses Crippling Chill so frequently, having a lower health ratio helps regulate Pathox’s total spell damage output. Tuktu’s damage output comes more from breath attacks than cold snap, so fewer, but more damaging, cold snaps makes sense - the spell wouldn’t feel that impactful if it dealt Crippling Chill damage but cast at less frequent intervals.


I always thought the breeding castle level was the level required to breed with the dragons while the incubator was obviously to hatch them. For example, you can breed Mune at level 84 when Whalegnawer hits level 12 but you can’t hatch until level 90. Or heck even a more recent example. You can breed Legendary Harbingers at 226 but can’t hatch until 300.

Edit: ignore me. I see where the issue is.


The breeding castle says you can’t breed a certain tier together until a certain tier, while the incubator says you can’t hatch until upgraded to a certain level.

Reason you can breed harbs before 300 is because you are using obsidians.

The difference between the two situations is upgrading every castle/incubator level has always been the same. So once you unlocked harbs you can cross breed them.

Now I can unlock empyreans, fly them and level them past breeding level; but I can’t breed them together??? Why?


Yes, I realized that shortly after my post. It’s a travesty!


Soooooo, was my question NOT a good one? :disappointed_relieved::joy::sob:

Here’s what I’d like to know:

  1. Did PG intend to make the level requirement 380 for the breeding castle?
  2. If not, when will it be fixted?
  3. If so, why?


Hey Everyone,

I wasn’t involved with the breeding levels but I’ve brought the concern to the rest of the design team. I agree that the 360/380 discrepancy appears quite odd. I’m not sure if it was intentional but I’ll try to get a straight answer, and resolve this issue if it turns out to be one.



Thanks so much, and apologies for hassling you, blame Arelyna lol