Empyrean Tier Legendaries - Official Discussion Thread


I like tuktu he is awesome






Thank you!


Level 350+ gives 100% glory so dunno what you’re on about?


If you’re talking dragon levels: it hasn’t.The incubator/castle level you need is 14 (because Vanguards required lvl 13 incubator/castle).


Not everything is about Atlas. :woman_facepalming:t2:
As far as I’m aware, a level 450 wouldn’t be able to raid me for as much as I can raid them.


At first I thought you meant Atlas too, but quickly realized you were talking about normal attacks. I’m fine with a higher requirement for mythics, since they are certainly more powerful, but a clunky solution like this that prevents backbreeding of Vanguards and normal breeding of legendary Empyreans feels like this to me:

However, based upon PG’s comments thus far, I’m leaving the possibility open that this was unintentional.


I agree 100% with this.


Is rss raiding still a thing? :joy:

That’s true but a very very small and generally inconsequential part of the game.

Allowing smaller players to hit up, even a bit, is good.


Yes it is :joy::joy:
When you’re in my position your options are 1) empty your team’s entire stock of food, or 2) get off your *** and raid.
(Disproportionate level to rest of team)


Hi @PGLawson Any chance we will get more information on this before the weekend? I need to decide how to proceed in breeding, and whether I can backbreed Jorm makes a big difference. I’m sure many others are in similar positions.




[2/8 Update]

Hey everyone,

We plan on changing the player level requirement to build a level 14 breeding castle (which allows players to use Empyrean legendary Dragons in breeding) to be player level 360, down from the current level 380 requirement. As it stands, the difference in levels was causing players between levels 360-379 to have to use Vanguard Mythic Dragons to breed all of the Empyrean Legendaries, which requires more egg tokens than players level 380+ who could breed the Empyrean Legendaries together. This change is to standardize the ability to breed the Empyrean Legendaries to level 360 without this 20 level discrepancy.

This change will release next Tuesday, 2/12 and will be an automatic update to the game, so no need to download anything from the store. Thanks to those who brought this to our attention so we could investigate and make the change. :slightly_smiling_face: Have a great weekend!


One day after the event ends…shakes head…


While I’d love to be able to get Tuktu this event, so I’m bummed it’s not happening until Tuesday, I’m very please you all listened and fixed this. Thanks!


Of course. @PGLawson really helped champion this one. :slight_smile: Tuesday is the earliest day that we’re able to release this change, so while it does come after the Breeding event ends, it is the first possible time we could implement it in-game.


Thank you for fixing this @PGLawson @Crisis


Makes sense to me. Thanks @PGLawson!


Should have been foreseen by you guys before the tier was released. Another example of poor planning by PG