Empyrean Tier Legendaries - Official Discussion Thread


So what you are saying is as a 365 who has bred 2 emperion I need so I can back breed jorm, I can’t back breed jorm until after event ends?


I doubt that its a game killer to wait a month To BACKBREED a prev tier


You shut you’re pretty face!

Jk, you’re probably right.


Isn’t it indirect notice to
Save your token, and perform well next season! ?


It is nice for some to get a free empyrean builder hut egg when you breed your 3th+ empyrean though.

Although for many of us with extra tokens to burn it may be better to spend more than less. But with research coming, every token may matter.


Game killer? No it isn’t. But instead of having time to take a mythic to 16 before I get another, Now I will have to breed jorm, then get to 16 before I breed the dragon I want. It’s time consuming and a lack of foresight. When you are on schedule for your breeding per level it takes quite a bit more time to xp a dragon to breedable.

Also, emperions are not easy to get breedable. If I had known I could not use them to back breed jorm this event I would not have used all my 1m xp potions and a huge portion of other potions. So yea. This causes multiple issues including me using rss I would not have. Drop 90m xp potions on a dragon only to find that you can’t use it to breed until next breeding and let me know whet you think.


I think I know how to check building reqs.

I also know how to read breed paths.

And apparently I also know that I could wait a month and get it for couple of hundred k egg tokens less.


Yes, the breed path I read is how I know to back breed. Lol. The fact that a lack of foresight and a mistake pg has obviously admitted to at this point costing me all my xp potions is a different story. So you are saying you knew right away that you could breed emperions but not use them to back breed?


Speaking for myself here, but with the castle level requirement being 380; yes I knew that I could not back breed to get vanguards.


OK so there was a way to find out I didn’t know about. Lol. Honestly I would not see any reason to check. I guess I don’t see any reason to not let us use them when we can get them breedable.


You literally always have to upgrade breeding castle when a new tier comes out if you want to breed using that tier. Figured you’d be aware of that by now if you’re breeding Empyrean dragons.


First time I’ve been waiting on a new tier. Never been caught up to new tier before. Thanks for you input.


Sure. But you also always have to upgrade breeding castle if you want to breed with a tier that you just unlocked. The point still stands.


That’s exactly why I made my breeding paths with this column:


The path (assuming you’re using Red’s) SPELLS OUT THE LEVEL REQUIREMENT… :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming:

Edit: didn’t see Red already replied…


Will there be an empyrean upgrade soon? I’ve noticed my balloon cannot upgrade yet. Is this intentional or overlooked?


Intentionally overlooked?


Random question and it doesn’t affect me at all, but without knowing mythic emp parents, is anyone holding back on their breeding or does Red’s path get you to the point for breeding mythic even though we don’t know the parents yet?


Honestly, Emp being stronger, many are getting at least 1 legendary. I have suggested to my team to do as much too.

I wouldn’t think it’s worth holding back unless one had less than 200k tokens.