Empyrean Tier Legendaries - Official Discussion Thread


After your towers killed Itz it probably used its everlasting hunt to kill all the rest of your towers right? lol
That’s what i typically see bad fliers do, save all their ammo, get killed, then kill towers that aren’t storm shielded (dragon dead so it doesn’t activate) with the damage buff and their saved ammo


Itz actually gets an ammo refill when he dies :cry:


That’s even worse lol


Nope he didn’t kill any of my kill island. He just dropped like a rock lol. He cleared me with harb huitzil without a problem.


Like… how? I mean there is bad flying but with that power disparity they would just need to hit in the vague direction of the screen every ten seconds or so. Did they fall asleep at the wing?


He forgot to fire after he died? :rofl:

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Can we get a do over on the Empyrean tier? Other than Tuktu they really are not worth the time or energy it takes to level them. Also, I would save my runes/glyphs and not waste them on these dragons. I was spoiled by theVanguard tier I suppose. No reason to expect this tier to be as good or better. :man_shrugging:t2: Please make the mythics worthwhile.


Anyone else see the 3 new mythics in teh breeding castle today? of course, my game forced a reset when I tried to breed one… :frowning: I didn’t think to capture a screen shot as I thought I had just missed the announcement…


They were already removed; it was unintentional.

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@IPadxdragonn, from another thread:

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Don’t suppose anyone actually saw enough to know the parent pairs for any of the unintentionally shown mythics?


Breeding pairs were not available in that accidental update release.

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Yeah my game crashed when try lurk in👀


Yo can these legdnaries all get a revamp in spells or something? Basically none of them are useable against level 80 towers which isn’t that supposed to be the relative tower level for the tier? They have really been a freaking let down.


Of corse no guarantees on any pattern continuing that has before but if you look at harb and vanguard you will see a breeding pair pattern which isn’t hard to guess which empyreans you will want for the mythic hunter or mythic sorcerer or mythic warrior


Tuktu OR Evakhet , who is stronger ??


None they are just breeding tools that die to 65s


Did you mean 75s?

I actually find both dragons to work fine on 75s with skill and equivelant gear to match the base you are attacking, but I’ve heard nothing but bad things with 80s, and really UVS, Surt, and Ronin can handle 80’s but not easily.

Edit: Evakhet has higher damage potential due to two damage buffs that can be applied at the same time. But I’m not sure you wouldn’t be better off using the gear on Pathox


yea lol but 80s have issues vans have a hard time crashing them now with base boost i dont really see dragons soloing defended!


I don’t really think dragons should solo defended.

Vanguards should die on 80s don’t you think? They are designed for empyrean dragons.

Vanguards can still take 80s, you just need to use multiple dragons. You have a max potential of 5 dragons between 3 people.

I actually am pretty okay with the state of things. My almost (gear) maxed UVS can only take a good base if I fly it well, and have a second dragon used. 5 flames is very possible still.