Empyrean Tier Legendaries - Official Discussion Thread


Yea I see it now red, guess I always just rushed on and out to see what dragon was next on your cheapest line, glanced at token cost and if I got the right eggs for hut upgrades. Having not been caught up to a new tier release I never needed it I guess.


My opinion is Itz still kicks all their butts, even Tuktu…


Not if itzani is in the hands of a poor flyer. My puny lvl 52 towers shot down itzani in atlas. I felt a little bad for the guy but he did clear it with a harbinger dragon for 4 flames.


After your towers killed Itz it probably used its everlasting hunt to kill all the rest of your towers right? lol
That’s what i typically see bad fliers do, save all their ammo, get killed, then kill towers that aren’t storm shielded (dragon dead so it doesn’t activate) with the damage buff and their saved ammo


Itz actually gets an ammo refill when he dies :cry:


That’s even worse lol


Nope he didn’t kill any of my kill island. He just dropped like a rock lol. He cleared me with harb huitzil without a problem.


Like… how? I mean there is bad flying but with that power disparity they would just need to hit in the vague direction of the screen every ten seconds or so. Did they fall asleep at the wing?


He forgot to fire after he died? :rofl:


Can we get a do over on the Empyrean tier? Other than Tuktu they really are not worth the time or energy it takes to level them. Also, I would save my runes/glyphs and not waste them on these dragons. I was spoiled by theVanguard tier I suppose. No reason to expect this tier to be as good or better. :man_shrugging:t2: Please make the mythics worthwhile.