Enable you to decide when you want to have war

Hey there, this suggestion is about the option to choose when to have war. Obviously there should be some kind of minimum amount of time before war starts like 3 hours for the other team to get prepared or else someone could declare war 1 min later.:joy: This suggestion is kinda short but it’s kind of a big one for me because I live in the UK :uk: so 12:00 at the middle of the night is quite inconvenient and I’m sure many other people from other countries have the same problem.
Have a good day from ItsYeBoiAki and keep fighting for victory :grin::crazy_face::+1:

In reality if you are warring someone, you don’t go tell him I’m gonna come at this time and I’ll destroy all what you have… You just surprise him, so no for me, I’m not a great fan of it.

Ps : wars start for me at 1am…


War starts at night for me too. The start time will always be inconvenient somewhere around the globe. How to counter it? Always be prepared and if you don’t boost up your towers to max capacity at any time make sure it’s on when you go to sleep/isn’t available. Having a worldwide coverage from teammates help!

Late war declaration is a widespread strategy, your opponent uses it, but you can use it too! So it’s fair. It’s called War Dragons after all, not Countdown War Dragons.

PG headquarters are situated in San Francisco, the time wars start need to be when they are still in the office so they can intervene if there’s an issue.

Even if they changed the time war begins it will still screw up some players, so… What do you do if there’s no good solution and changing some parameters won’t improve the situation?


By the way this subject has already been discussed several times before. You are most welcome to search for it :wink:


This is why people log on and hang out for a half hour before reset.

Yeah but some people like to sleep at 2 am every now and then…


Only suggestion I could think of for war is limit amount of war a team can do for 3 maybe. As for your suggestion it maybe uncomfortable but it’s fair.
And for me war starts at 2am

The only way to really fix this problem is to perhaps make 2 times for wars to be declared, spaced 12hrs apart. So you could still declare last minute and be in a time zone you’re mostly awake when war starts.

What’s a war?

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