End of current atlas season


Will there be 1 more atlas event this atlas season or was this the last one ?


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1d11h left
But need to claim my prizes😁, So if there is another atlas event (primarch leveling) I can use that gold


atlas events are independent of atlas seasons, so they run seperately. And yes you will have enough time because prim training event is next and probably starts in next 7-8 hours


Like what Luffy says, Atlas season does not require you to play any of the rotating event since badge sigil is obtained through PvP.

Atlas event is only there for the regular rewards.


Yes, leveling will begin tonight


The next Atlas season is upon us though as per the timer. I have not seen anything regarding next season yet. What rider ? what will be the gear branches ? (are they still the same with helm and ring ?)


Do we need to open the atlas sigil chests? Or will they carry over to next season?


Open em


They are summer badge chests and they will be gone if unused. So will the summer badges.


Not sure if that’s true. This season is about to end, but the seasons might not be back to back, the last ones weren’t as far as I know.


That is my first season so I am not aware of what happened before. How much time was there between the last season and this one ?


I think it was about 3 weeks, but my memory is fuzzy.


It was a few weeks, but as this was/is my first season, I don’t know exactly how long.

Maybe it was such a long time between seasons due to the massive Atlas additions though?

It’d be nice to roll right into a new season a la the rest of the game…


Probably so. I too am hoping that the wait will not be too long. :t_rex:


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