End of Season Event - Temple Raid

I noticed that not many people participate in the event :man_shrugging:
Even atlas troop training event is a bit slow.
What’s happening ? Ppl r just waiting for next week to start the new season?

Yeah, why waste stuff on a season when almost everyone has what they want?

As for the atlas event, maybe a lot of people quit lol.

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Waiting for the next season. Since I have quit spending I can’t afford to waste supplies

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It’s a combo of end of season blues and latest PG drama. A lot of players have lost a lot of motivation to play once pg can we talk was denied and the big announcement was very short on specific details.

I think the real test will be discount period next season


This 100%:point_up:

Im only using free energy and no IFs. Im done with this season so there’s no reason to waste more pvp rss. It’s a shame they wasted this event at the end of the season. For once KW would have better so we could all ignore it


I can already say I am out, most likely for the whole new Season, no more spending…

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No more interest to put time in this game, must be affected by the latest drama.

Edit, finding out the leader of your team and almost all officers bragging how much they hoarded for next season, doesn’t help to motivate your team members to keep participate the event.

Mostly people having accomplished season goals, but at least for me, after the novelty wore off, I find this event the most tedious and easy to ignore. Feel like a hamster in a treadmill. Round and round we go. Pretty much a PVE event.

Honestly, I reached my goal, got the mythic a week ago, acquired rss and chests for the next season, but I’m still kicking the event :tipping_hand_woman:t3:
Because why not.
I’m not pushing too hard though, doing it light but floating between 100 and 150 in global🤷🏼‍♀️ (Only because all others are not participating tho)

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Hoarding isn’t my style of gaming, offcourse it brings me every event at the top of the team ranking.
However it won’t bring me a mythic unless, I start saving chest and ruby’s during a season, which affect the team, especially when several team members saving there rss.
Looks like if this is the way to play this game and reach that mythic goal, I definitely played my last season.

Edit, especially top team rank during PvP events, because those chest with energy and inners are needed to help your team just that extra during the PvP events.

You say hoarding, I say strategically allocating resources to further the implementation of near-future and/or long-term goals. :nerd_face:


And it is a holiday weekend in USA. That does not affect all but it does affect a large number of players.


Well… I played this event, because I like it
If it were horrible kingdom wars or pits I wouldnt have touched it

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I can’t safe my Ruby’s or sigils, never stop hitting during PvP, normally, this event I am out, and game is deleted, rl took me over already, and wd a waste of time.

If you’re not completing the discount dragon in the first two weeks, and for many, the egg token line, this is short sighted. If you are, carry on.

Your rubies and gold chests are worth much more during the first two weeks of a season. Sigils earned and acquired from chests then get you the discount dragon and the prizes from his line at half cost and maximize your egg token earnings. It really snowballs, as you get a ton of helpful rss from opening the chests, and you get chests back from the lines. If you’re playing that hard every event and not able to get a mythic, you’re either carrying a team of much less active people or allocating your resources disastrously or both.

I know they are worth, I just can’t resist them, how hard I try, I can’t stop hitting those blinking polisched ruby’s, or stop pressing the gold chest during the season.
Patience isn’t my thing, never been, lol, even this game didn’t learn me that. :woozy_face:

First I need to get a minor or mayor issue fixed from my telephone before a smooth game play from any game anyway :see_no_evil:

Edit,. Phone is repaired, now time to think about my wd future, as mythics are the dragons that pulverize my base atm.

Since the post was flagged :sweat_smile::laughing::sweat_smile::laughing:.
Decided my future, and I won’t be able to change myselff in one of the ruby and chest hoarding players to get finally someday a mythic.
It’s to much rewarding to hoard, than to use all your Ruby’s and chest for the events :scream_cat:
That means I need to change my way of gaming, but that means a lot more boring hours online during PvP :laughing:

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