End of Seasonal lines- No bonus chests/prizes?

I searched and didn’t see this in a separate thread, but quite possibly just didn’t search the right keywords…

So I wasn’t sure I wanted to go for Neptus or get any of the seasonal divines, but after reviewing the lines, there appears to be no bonus chests or prizes to use remaining sigils on…
Can anyone who has finished the lines, or can PG, confirm that’s the case? I recognize there’s still the second rider to come so perhaps the bonus chests will be in that line. If not, then that would be pretty crappy to stick those that finish with useless sigils… not to mention deter spending. As I decided to go after them after all, it would be nice to know.

Outside of the egg token bonus, bonus branches no longer exist :cry:

I’d expect that Neptus would have the extra reclaimable gold chest at the end, though?

I thought that too, but doesn’t appear to be the case in its current state… just had someone show me their completed line and they’re all checked and unable to use again…

Ask him/her to tap it anyway and see if it has a claim button?

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This is what was just shared with me…

She says it only shows ‘Available until March 7th’…but I’m thinking you’re right and she just doesn’t have enough sigils to claim again.

The last 2 gold chests for 500 sigils can be claimed over and over. Topic closed.

Yes, it was just confirmed …and I agree, whomever is able, can close this topic.

It really could use something clearer like a circular green arrow (or text in the description, though I guess the red dot works for those with enough sigils).

@PGCrisis Something to poke PGCoffee about?

@moderators for closing


So will new rider coming up in this season ?

yes in the next 2-3 weeks

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2 gold chest for 500 sigils!!! REALLY!!! JEEZZZZ

EDIT: You would think if someone just spent 75k in sigils and still have more to spend they should get a freaking gold trophy or at least 10 gold chest. This really needs to be looked into. I know the dragons are the end game and the point of going through the the pages but why would anyone want to keep going? This is like a slap in the face

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