End of Springveil. Super Sigil Chest?

The end of Springveil is coming. 2 events left, means there is a possibility of the Super Sigil Chest.
Most likely, the events are Fort, and another PvP (or even Feeding. Who knows?)
So, how would you like for the chests appearance?

Event 1

  • I don’t like Super Sigil Chest!
  • Weekend only please…
  • Let it appear for the whole event.

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Event 2

  • I don’t like Super Sigil Chest!
  • Weekend only please (with Silver)…
  • Weekend only please (with Runic, assuming PvP)…
  • Let it appear for the whole event.

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This poll is unnecessary :man_shrugging:


I would like to see back the double gold chest special loot chests for like 4-5k rubbies per 10, like the one we got with Algor’s Winter Season. But then as a new chest, so people with stocked up gold chests can’t use them for it.


Why the need for a poll?

The chest weekends will be what PG determines and I don’t think we can influence them. Therefore I’m guessing only the weekend like usual (3:00pm Friday til Monday morning or so) and silver chests the rest of the time.

Edit: also do NOT make it appear the entire weekend or you give up the ability to build up the bonus again during the non event times to get your free chest the second week :roll_eyes:


IIRC, it lasted whole event last season…
And I want to hear other’s opinion about this.

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The last week did last a little longer last season. I feel like if anyone needs sigils they would get it asap and not making it last longer won’t hinder sales for PG

Care to explain? :smiley:

The issue with the whole event is the lack of prep factor with silver chests, especially with runic this week. However I’m not sure we’re “supposed” to do that anyway so PG probably don’t care.

Not doing it the whole event may make people forget and spend their rubies before the chests appear. Both have issues I guess :woman_shrugging:.

I want them to appear because they are a helpful last minute push but I dislike getting 25-50 sigils in them- would be even worse to do so now that some team quests give you sigils too

Yes last season we did not have the ability to reset it. Hopefully it wasn’t intentional and was just a fluke.

Moral of the story is reset whenever possible as soon as possible.

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Last season the last week of super sigil chest did not end on Monday they extended it to Tuesday, I’m pretty sure.

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As far as I remember that’s the common practice: 24h after the event ends the event screen is still accessible, so the prizes can be collected, rubies and sigils can be spent.


It was announced, with, a ,cry :sob:
Super sigil chest starts on Wednesday.

Thanks for the opinion…

Moderators please close this thread lol :man_facepalming:

@TheRedDelilah please…