End of Year Atlas Status / Thoughts

Hey Everyone,

I wanted to post an update on where our view of Atlas is and what you can expect from PG going forward. I wanted to start off by letting everyone know that one of our key initiatives for the next year is to get Atlas to a place where it’s a better combination of fun, challenging, and social. We recognize there is a gap between where we currently are and where we want to be.

Winter Season

It’s been awhile since changes were made to Atlas, and I have heard loud and clear that the changes we made this season aren’t game changing for the core issues people have highlighted. We know there are still issues with core motivations (team vs solo), castle guard swapping, sniping, stagnation, and many other things. We want to take bigger and bigger steps towards our goal each season.

On the Horizon

The following things are top of the list to tackle with the Spring and/or Summer seasons of Atlas. As we continue solidifying what we can do within the given timeline in relation to what should be done, we will update everyone.

  • Grieving - Despite glory scaling, hitting down / keeping players down / sniping is still advantageous in many cases to assure 5 flame attacks. We are investigating ways to adjust revive mechanics and revenge mechanics to discourage this behavior.

  • Team Play - We want your performance as a team to matter. Right now, the primary rewards in Atlas are driven by solo activities (glory farming). We would like to find ways to reward teams that perform well without punishing lower level or lower engagement teams. We also don’t want the top teams to always be the same teams.

  • Pirate Teams - We want to be intentional about having good teams in Atlas that are engaging in the core systems in a non-degenerate way. Expect a purge of inactive teams.

  • Stagnation (General) - Atlas has stagnated in many ways for many people. Land ownership is not changing and sometimes becoming abandoned. Atlas has become more of a chore and/or grind than a fun part of War Dragons.

Many changes are in the works to try and tackle this, but a major one could be a shakeup to land. We are exploring either adjustments to how passage works or introducing new land mechanics, potentially in the form of new lands or resets of existing lands with compensation. Finally, we are thinking through ways that castles could become more or less valuable over the course of a season to make it so land ownership does not stagnate.

  • Stagnation (Top Teams) - The top teams in Atlas have run out of things to do as they have achieved their goals. The leaderboard hasn’t changed in many seasons, and focus has changed from taking land to finding ways to ensure control of lands. We are exploring ways to introduce King of the Hill style castles for the top teams to find and fight over for the title of Top Team in Atlas

  • Castle Guards - Guard swapping isn’t an intended behavior in Atlas, but one that is quite efficient based on how the system is currently set up. We want to find a way to make defending castles a thing that all teams in Atlas can do without creating unintended behavior like guard swapping.

  • Conquering Mechanic - Many players have given us feedback that conquering castles (both owned and unowned) isn’t a great experience. We are looking at ways to make it better and fairer for attacker and defender. This will need to include performance improvements, but we are also exploring overhauls to the system.

We plan on making changes every season. We don’t want to make changes mid-season to prevent significant disruptions to seasonal plans. The team and I will continue to work with the community to find a better future for Atlas.

Cheers and Happy Holidays,