Endless xp grind cycles

I hardly use the drags I breed anymore, I just end up in tedious boring xp grind cycles over and over and over again. It’s mind numbing. The divines are so strong they make most normal drags useless. Is there anyway out of this japanese water torture? Humor most welcome.

Panda once had a solution… let me see if i remember… hold down the WD icon until it shakes… then push the x… problem solved.


Hire a neighborhood youngster to fly your xp missions?

I guess when you get higher up you’ll have less non-expert dragons to fly. hang in there.

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I honestly enjoy the sense of accomplishment experting dragons.

It gives me a good reason to come on every day, manage my time efficiently and do gold runs and participate with my team. If i come to a point where there isn’t multis to do, i’ll just spend my time doing ember missions so it is something i’m working towards constantly; less xp runs = more tokens :smiley:


I’m thinking Panda has the right idea I dont think I will stick with this game it’s become too monotonous all the excitement has gone especially with the long events youre praying for them to end.

I just wish there was something to gain from experting a dragon. Like having an event to use old dragons in and they perform the best when at Expert for whatever reason.

Otherwise, might as well just let us destroy them for egg tokens after getting them to Expert.

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I want to chop up old dragons to feed others in feeding events.


I definitely agree…I’ve always thought there should be something to gain from getting a dragon to expert other then it getting stronger.
Dragons get to expert eventually anyway but
I think it would help with the ridiculous cost of dragons and it would give players more of a reason to expert dragons if they just made it into either 2/3 separate categories when breeding.
So if a dragon cost 143k tokens that’s the cost of the offspring if both parents are just at breeding level or slightly above. Parents at level 25+ to below expert could knock off 5-8k tokens and expert parents knock off 10-15k tokens.
It’s not a huge amount but in time it would add up, after breeding 10 dragons with expert parents the 11th would basically be with free tokens.

Also Most games have events like this one but also have individual rewards from quests/challenges, etc and getting each dragon to expert could even give a few hundred rubies.
This one should be implemented in several other ways too because WD does give players the least amount of rewards I’ve seen of any game
Similar and it’s not even close.


I actually agree with these ideas

  1. Dragon level giving breeding cost reductions is a great idea. 25/expert do seem like reasonable figures for a 10%/20% cost reduction

  2. Rewards for each expert dragon would be killer. Give some people a quest to actually try and achieve like the early game, perpetual quests that can be claimed each time the achievement is met


If we go with PG’s transplantation procedure, expert dragons has their own advantage.
They can collect 20% exp faster than the others.

Unfortunately, the solution works only for those big fishes and whales (not me. I’m a baby orca…)

You guy asking too much from PG. I just get my drag to breed level and stop. It too boring as hell even for low level like me. What the point of get to expert when I know it useless as I get to higher level.

You can perch it :man_shrugging:t3::joy::joy:

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If it is mythic, yes. Otherwise, No. I would lock him UP in my Den Castle.

The main reason I do the xp grind cycles is to do well in the feeding event I just leave all my totally useless drags at breeding level and xp them up. Then when the feeding event comes it takes me 4 days to feed them all hopefully to expert. Second to that I train some of them to expert for the perches. Platinum peasants like me don’t get mystics they cost too much money so I have to settle for legendary drags for perches. I’m about to hit the Saphire breeding wall forced to get another load of expensive useless (except Hau) drags or I can’t level up my divines sucks hairy balls. I follow Reds best Path.

I try to do xp grind for next feeding event but I end up falling a sleep in the middle of grinding. If PG put some kind of mission reward like seven knights that would be great. The game is so friendly to F2P.

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