Enemy Primarch in Land

How can you visually tell a primarch is surrounding your poacher or mine? Can primarchs entering your land have a different color base or something to point out it is an enemy? For instance people on my team have blue and green bases, blue and yellow, red and blue. I hate to make everything so basic but these primarchs are so small my poor eyes can’t take it!

Enemy primes are red… with a red travel path

Allied ones are blue

When they are circling the mine or poacher there isn’t a red path. You can’t tell until you go to attach then you are zooming in trying to figure out who is who

Tap on mine. Tap on Details. Find Enemy. Kill Enemy.

The end.

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Wow you are so smart! Thanks!

Thank you for the compliment, but it’s just from having experience with the same issue. 25 tiny primarchs and one of them is killing teammates off. Very hard to see even if zoomed in.

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