Enemy troops in garrisons


As the below topic was closed but issue wasn’t resolved I’d like to raise it again.

What I’ve also noticed is that if the player is in another atlas team and has troops in a garrison on their old team’s island they can see full details of the island even if the player’s new team does not have safe passage for that island. Could we at least close this possibility?

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Hmm, are you not able to attack and kill the (now) enemy player’s troops in your own garrison? It seems like you should be able to (though maybe the UI doesn’t currently allow it?) in which case you could take matters into your own hands be wiping out the de facto spy.

The current UI only allows me to transfer troops to the garrison on my team’s islands, no option that I could find to attack the other team.

this was your idea when i brought up about enemy troops but nothing came of it
PGDaveEmployeeOct 28
Maybe we should add a new Marshall ability which allows them to instantly execute any enemy troops in their garrison.


Executing could do it, albeit a bit a harsh (but maybe justified!). We’re working on a major overhaul of the Primarchs list (to be more usable, enable ability casting, etc.) … I’ll ping our UI guru to make sure we get the ability to attack those hiding out in garrisons along with that new UI.

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No conscription option? :smiling_imp:

I’d want to be the marshal so bad then :smiley: … wouldn’t be long before we had leaders recruiting people and kicking them in order to conscript their troops lol.

:rofl: team-only conscripts, evil Dave - though same issue, haha

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