Energy pack are not being found in chests?

Anyone else having probs getting any of them in chests? Chests have been horrible lately. I’m hearing many complaints about this. :woman_shrugging:

How many chests are we talking about? And is it gold or bronze?

I’m getting them :man_shrugging:

Your name is quite apropos…

I’m getting energy and IF in both bronze and gold chests

Have heard from many about this issue. So, being a smart arse is appropriate for you? It was a question. I’ve not had the luck, I suppose. :woman_shrugging:

As for gold or bronze chests, I’ve had three in many many that has been opened. Including gold.

and here i was thinking you were calling me an ‘ass’ :cry:

Lol! Naw. I wouldn’t do that. I don’t need attention. :wink:

well, technically isn’t that just another name for a donkey?


Really? You’re the one with “raging” as part of your name and you come on here “raging” about something. I followed up my observation of your appropriate name with the fact that I have gotten them so maybe it’s just a “luck” issue for you?

Maybe if you pointed out that my name was appropriate (assuming you get the play on words) you’d feel even better and expect nothing less from my response.

Happy Friday and keep on smiling


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Both are dropping for me.

They are dropping at what are the historically normal rates for this event.

You may have had a bad run. But with gold, things normalize to within 5% of what is typical after around 320 chests. You can have a pretty good feel for normal around 150 chests.

Bronze has too many drops to even approach a measurable normal without having around 1,500 chests. Although, you can start to see what normal will be around 700.

So, they are there, same as they were last time. Just the nature of an application randomly selecting prizes from a weighted pool of items.

Exactly :slight_smile:

and unseasted = standing
So UnseatedDonkey = Standing Ass
edit: or maybe you could say I’m an ass who fell off his chair? :thinking:

I was given that name by my xbox as a gamer tag. I didn’t make the connection at the time :man_facepalming:

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Haha thats great. My typical troll name is “Richard Cranium”


Thank you. Perhaps they go in cycles? I’ll keep trying! :hugs::rose:

Thanks! I’ve just not had the luck and many in LC in the same, but I’ll keep chugging away. :rose::rose:

I’m getting them just fine.

I went to school with a Russel Sprout. It was his real name and no, I don’t know what his parents were thinking.


I went to school with a guy named Robert Lawblaw. Guy seemed to go on and on for hours…blah blah blah

Thank you. Last event chests were brutal for me as well. :woman_shrugging:. I suppose the only thing to do is to keep trying. :wink:

Please tell me he became a lawyer?

Another school colleague, Kris Boner. Poor sap. - “It’s pronounced Bonn-er”