Energy Packs Usage

If I don’t use my energy packs this season, will they be gone next season?

No - they stay in your inventory.

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Everything aside from sigils carry over pretty much. So your energy packs, inner fires, etc.

Okay thank you

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does anybody know which of the PVP events is the most efficient to use those boxes in order to maximize sigil / tokens / ruby output?

I’m going to say the one where the teams around you have a good spread of bases you can beat and are also sure that your team is going to be able to help you with maintaining first place

Depends on your league, activity and how you use energy packs and prize tiers decided by PG for that specific event.
If your activity is low, in events like Conquer the world and King of the hill, you could buy 100 energy with 10 energy packs once just before the energy cost reset time and immediately after energy cost reset time. ( i suggest these as reset happens only once in a day)
And use up your 200 energy wisely to maximise your points and get maximum profit to your team in one sweep.
Keep using your free energy as much as possible. The only downside in this is that you have to restrict yourself to not use energy packs in the whole day or the cost per 100 energy will increase.

If your activity is very high and you have a lot of energy packs ( ~100 or so per event ), for i think you could buy 100 energy once every round towards the end to score some good flags/ promotion in Tug of War/ Fight pits.

In all the events, keep using your free energy as much as possible.

(I don’t know about team gauntlet as i have not played it yet so i have excluded it from my viewpoint)

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