Energy Refill Blog Post: Official Discussion Thread

Dragon Lords assemble!

We recently posted a new blog post describing changes to energy refill in the Gauntlet event. If you haven’t had a chance to read the post yet, feast your eyes on this: Energy Refill Blog Post

Update, 4/23, 11am PT: The reset timer is supposed to be set to 12 hours, but it was set to 24, that should be fixed within the hour.


Just a quick question. In there it said per 20 energy. Isn’t it per 16?

Another one. Is this only for this week?

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Question as well what about inner fires needed for a mega is that going down as well?

so nice to see that change thank u pg


Nice updates… now what’s the catch?

While this is nice, it’s still going to cause issues with these stupid long island cooldown times. Please either get rid of the pve island cooldowns or lower them to like 30 minutes. It’s totally illogical to actually limit how much people can participate in the event


Good eye! 16 is correct, we’ll update the blog momentarily. Thanks again for catching that.

And yes this is just for this week. We are testing energy refill costs and will be making additional changes in upcoming weeks.

No changes to inner fires!

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I like the change.

Will refill time revert back to 24hr?

Last time it was changed to 12hr.

If it remains at 24hr then it’s pretty similar to last time in terms of costs which seems reasonable.

It would be nice as suggested if pve island timers were reduced.

My thinking here is that the 8/8 team participation is 82k points like the Temple Raid event.

Temple raid resets energy every 8hrs.

Temple raid also gives around 50k free points from the temple guard bosses.

So essentially this event is much more difficult to get to the same reward with the top 3 islands taking such a long time to respawn.

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Temple Raid is 12 hours. You might be thinking of Fight Pits which is 6 hours.

I hope they keep the energy reset at 12 hours too and/or do away with pve cooldowns. Though I think 30mins would be good too. Right now it will still be a inter-team race to get points. The people on at the time Gustav comes off cooldown gets the best points, the rest of the team be d***ed. It always has been less team vs team and more true player vs player in this one. “I’m going to kill you until we have a mutual enemy, then we will band together to fight said enemy. As soon as that enemy is gone, I will kill you again.”


Yeah sorry was thinking of fight pits.

Is there a list of energy packs costs for refills (100 energy)?

I guess I hadn’t read close enough on the blog. @PGGalileo The question is, is this correct?


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Reset is every 12 hours. First reset is Fri @ 3 am US est (12 hrs from start of event)

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I just bought 300 energy in game to check the numbers.

After that each 100 energy is 15 packs.


12 hours is correct :muscle:


This pleases me greatly, and I’m also happy to see a PG employee being responsive. :partying_face:


Boom! I’m happy to be of service. I’m the new guy, and I’m excited to be here. I hope to make a more formal intro once I’m more settled in. In the meantime, I’ll be hunting down answers and chiming in when I can.


Welcome to War Dragons :grin:

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Another logical change, we might be getting somewhere!

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Can I ask that in the chart that was provided. Can they redo it so that it included both 16 & 100 energy pack buys. Thank you.