Energy refill timer and costs glitch?

Anyone notice it?

Round 1:
I bought 2 x 16 energy when it said energy will be reset in 30mins (roughtly coinciding with the end of the round. Cost me 1 energy crate each. I didn’t see what the third 16 would cost as I expected it to be 2 so I just exited the screen.
With about 5 mins to go (timer still consistent with the first time I bought energy), I notice that I can still buy another 16 energy for 1 crate so I went ahead and bought it, then another 16 for also 1 energy. This time I looked and saw that the third (or fifth in total) cost 2 crates. So now, I’ve bought in total 4x 16 energies for 4 crates. That’s not right.

Round 2:
So just then during round 2, I enter the screen to buy energy and it says 4H 49m until costs reset. Again this is consistent with the end of Round 2. HOWEVER, the costs DIDN’T reset. It still costs me 2 crates to buy 16 energy.

My suspicion? The energy reset during Round 1 BEFORE the timer ended, therefore I was able to purchase the second set of 2 x 16s for only 2 crates.

@PGCrisis @Arelyna please follow up with the engineers to check energy reset vs timer shown in game.

@Grumpybigbird did you buy it after the round is over but before the new round starts?

If so, this was brought up May 4th and also there is a link in the first post to the Feb 10th thread on this.

Event energy costs not resetting correctly

Nope round was still going. I bought energy then used it for one last hurrah.

I’ve been round the block enough to not make such a noob mistake :rofl:

Strange. And that really suck man.

It seems the timers are still out of sync @Arelyna. This is taken during the cooldown and I did a few supers so I shouldn’t be at 1 energy chest for a refill.

Can we get this glitch fixed? It has only been around since February…

Gotcha. Weird! I sent it over to the engineers.

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Never to be heard from again…

I mean on one hand, it’s nice that she’s letting us know this is noticed, but on the other hand, there’re so many instances of what you described, it’s just funny (in a masachistic way).

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I completely understand where you are both coming from. I really can only send it over, keep checking on it to see the status, and continuing to update everyone.


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