Enfeeble/ 142 tower / on a Gold taunter potential bug

Hi @DragonPunch can your team kindly review the logs on my account. I believe there may be an issue with 142 towers that are enfeebled. ( prim = taunter )

My taunter was enfeebled and about 20 attacks in a row by the enemy couldn’t drop even one tower. The towers seemed stronger than normal almost like enfeble doubled their stats instead of halved them as they were one shotting everything. And these were all Monarch attackers.

If it is a bug or error then I suspect the attacking team deserves compensation for incorrect troop losses.

Could of been exteme lag or something weird but just wanted to bring it to your attention in case it is an issue. Feel free to fully review my logs from the date time stamp of this post and for the time 1 hour prior inclusive.

I would normally raise a ticket but I’m not sure if a front line person would be able to resolve it.

Many thanks!

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Please contact Support. We need these details documented via a ticket. We’ll follow up with you through there.