Enfeeble has been enfeebled?


I guess there is a reason)
And it’s actually pretty much obvious,if you’ll think about it
Oh well🤷🏻‍♀️
Obviously no one won’t let small team be immortal,idk why you guys are so confused about this
Will it be 4 or more primarches limit-result will be the same.
If enemy can take lands-they will take it regardless
As Spooky said,obviously,enfeeble tower have been created to prevent one-player attacks
When someone big can go and wipeout whole team


I was selected to be in the Atlas preview group. The Atlas devs solicit our feedback on upcoming changes, some of which they incorporate. The enfeebler was conceived by the devs for the reason I said. Based on feedback and its stated purpose, limiting its operation if more than X attackers were present was added but wasn’t able to be included when the enfeebler was initially released.


The problem is, if it‘s a monster base, chances are that the player also has 3 prim slots unlocked so he could still do a lone wolf attack with his 3 prims while blocking the Enfeeble.

@pgEcho can the restriction be removed?
I suppose the 10min cooldown should be enough restriction.


Fair? Just remove the amount and leave the cool down time… that’s restriction enough…

With “flying Primes BS!” The attacker can call for help and get buddies in almost instantly…

So if you have 4 “thugs” beating down your door and you can only shoot on at a time with your grandpa’s black powder gun so be it! You have to take time to reload… they can still instantly get back up in there…
but at least the team with their only form of defense isn’t nerfed.

I think Enfeeble was a great solution and evens the playing field… it also… stops “Godzilla” from crushing teams alone.

Take away the limit. One major flaw fixed!
Should be simple enough.


I have yet to see anything from PG that said that enfeeble was to simply stop lone wolf attacks. Super secret testing communications may work if you were part of them. But for the rest of the player base, this comes as a shock.


3 is stupid as a whale with 3 primes can just rock it solo. Should be at least 6 or more I feel.

Edit just saw @MareZ post


There shouldn’t be a restriction at all on this, the 10min cool-down + the single target use, is more than enough.


:woman_facepalming:t2:You should be more polite bro
Some ppl here have bagels not only for reading forum 100 days


Why we should call whale stupid?
It hurts whales feelings
Honestly,again,what us the difference between3 or 6 primarches in this case?
6 is 2 whales…
You guys can trap them👀 and enfeeble
How about this?
Or we really need “Destar style” in Atlas
Defensive tower,which doesn’t request any strategy skills at all)
Not addressed to anyone personally*


3 = stupid
Whale = :whale:


Yeah…I dont really get this change in mechanics either. Everything just seems all over the place


You asked for the source of my knowledge, and I told you. Whatever was or wasn’t communicated to players by the devs has nothing to do with me.


It’s all ur fault…why u do this?


This taunter is parked on your castle and you cannot enfeeble it?


That is correct. Message pops up says you cannot use Enfeeble


Wouldn’t matter if it was the other way around and it worked in your favour.
You’re just pissed you’re all wasting so many troops hitting her :speak_no_evil:


Well if you wanna listen from PG only, then why you asked to enlighten yourself ??
But guess what few team players cant be enlighten anyway even PG say it :joy:


It’s a game mechanic… designed for a purpose.
It was working now it’s not… I’m not mad either way.

If you have millions to waste on a game :sunglasses::+1:t3: I’m a capitalist myself and have owned and sold businesses.

However, I’m also a gamer. And if there is no way to keep competition is the game someone level what’s the point?
How much skill is required to dump thousands of dollars into a game?
Why play a game with such obvious imbalances that would allow that type of person to just destroy all other players (paying customers too)

From a business stand point the income from one is great! But if that one person causes all your other customers to leave your business will end up closed down. Then again maybe PG is okay with that?

If so the rest of us would like to know.


After a week of fighting that monster…
it finally got cut down.

Hope they read this post!
I hate cheaters!!! And Bullies!


Still curious what people consider bullies. Usually it is anyone that produces an unfavorable result. In which case…there’s so many :sweat: