Enfeeble has been enfeebled?


I would assume the best teams, going after low hanging fruit. When they know that team doesn’t have the slightest chance in competing with them. My interpretation of “bullies”.


Why would the best teams go after small ones? 0 glory, a lot of troop deaths, leaving them weakened to teams of their own size? Unless the small team pissed off the bigger one, there’s not much motivation to do that.


I haven’t played after the anti-greifing update. So i gave my interpretation on what I feel best represents the bullies mentioned. And isn’t there problems with movement? So if a small team is blocking neutral access for a bigger team. That could be one reason. Just spit balling here.


If they’re blocking access that’s not bullying :joy:


To each their own. The “Bullying” doesn’t affect me and seems to be solved by the anti griefing mechanics. :man_shrugging:t4:


So…just to give an example:

In sports, teams are seeded where the highest seed is placed against the lowest seed. Is that bullying as well? I think there is a feeling but I think people truly have a hard time defining it. One of the biggest problems is mechanics, if the mechanics dictate this is the best ROI path, do you do it or not? But a lot of things that count as being bullied are super arbitrary…


Okay, let me explain…

You have a 430+ (cheater we now know)
Using their lvl 15 Taunter with all maxed gear bonuses ect lvl 15 Destroyer 15 Rusher… all fully loaded…
150,000 troops 35,000 troops ect
All max bonuses… unlimited troops!

They are on your base killing all of your Primes and attacking your forts for days and days!
We fought that $&@!!?? over and over we had to destroy a full set of infrastructure!!! Because we didn’t have a Tower built yet.

So I took a set out of storage with a lvl 3 tower and put it on top of a lower level set… (destroying 160M!!! Worth of gold it took to build it)
All so we could use the lvl 3 tower to Enfeeble that @$$hole!!! Once we did that we were able to then kill 150,000 + 35,000 + (Rusher maxed) which was the reason our team got so many glory points! And ended up at #1 for a while…

The bitch then came back the very next day!!! FULLY LOADED AGAIN! So we went to work killing them again!!!

At that point in time everyone was pissed! I submitted a support ticket because Enfeeble failed to work because day two she brought “friends” so we had to kill them first without Enfeeble :man_facepalming:t3::man_facepalming:t3::man_facepalming:t3:

Once we took them out again we went to work on the cheater/bully with unlimited resources!

I also noticed the other posting in the forum. The nameless team one… I commented on it.
That pissed the cheater off further!!!

She then messaged one of my officers and told them she we going to keep coming back everyday!
(Well she got smart) and just moved her Taunter one fort over and then kept sending her fully loaded MAXED Destroyer AND Rusher to our fort. So we killed her there but could not even dent her one fort away…

So… I asked for help from our Allies… we took every fort around this $&@@ and trapped her… we surrounded (Godzilla) with forts built up the Towers so if she tried to move out we could Enfeeble and kill her!

I don’t know about everyone else… but the amount of people involved and the coordination it took to make that happen was and is documented on Line.

It took 8 teams working together to contain that asshole!! @Panda you always talk about teamwork and skills… well, it was a massive damn effort that went round the clock for days!

We had to do it that way because PG didn’t ban them immediately or within 24-48hrs! So we just figured we had a “Harv” on our hands and we had to find a way to fight them… they weren’t being banned so we concluded they were just an extremely rich asshole!
:man_shrugging:t3::man_shrugging:t3::man_shrugging:t3: So we fought with the resources available.
Millions of gold lost, 100,000’s of thousands of troops!
Rubies, speed ups, bullhorns reviving troops to keep fighting this bitch/Bully.

That’s how I define a bully! Someone with the power to destroy 100’s of other people’s work for no reason other than shits and giggles.

The final nail in the coffin for her was they used an exploit to kill my Prime in a situation they should not have been able to do (shields up)… I immediately reported it…
The bitch then messaged us saying she could kill us no matter what (shields or no shields)

PG within an hour banned them!
I totally thank them for that! And the quick response to that ticket… but the damage had been done!

We were pissed to find out and happy at the same time!!! Finally they were dead!!! But the aftermath…
the money, time, rubies, gold :man_facepalming:t3::man_facepalming:t3::man_facepalming:t3::man_facepalming:t3::man_facepalming:t3:
All the teams that helped us…

Because 1 cheater caused such a giant imbalance!!!

Oh and while that went on… 4 people from Dreads came to visit us… they killed 15-18 Primes and set shields on on of our forts! We’re we mad? No!
That’s part of the game… 2 ended up running out of troops… killing us! And 1 got away and we Enfeebled and killed the other. That wasn’t bullying! That was an attack using proper tactics and methods according to game mechanics! So we understood it! It happens :man_shrugging:t3:
Thanks for the lesson honestly we learned from it!
It cost us some gold and troops but we now have a tactic we can utilize ourselves! :sunglasses::+1:t3:

THATS! How the game should be!

Not have 1 asshole destroy entire teams!


And now that I think of it… the two teams that used that cheater… to cause so much damage :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking: I’d hope PG did something to punish that type of action.
No, I won’t names here. But some of y’all can figure that out.


@SnowRR - it is time for me to speak up.

As the leader of the “said team” you keep referring to, I have a few issues with your stories. I have kept my mouth shut - until now.

When you are approached by someone who asks you to hear a player out, you do.
Of course medal counts were questioned - who wouldn’t. So you’re told a story, a convincing story - with proof. So you say, ok - I’ll give you a chance while things are “investigated”. Commence the drama, mail, etc. okay fine. Everyone crying to pg - etc.

Days later - account is rolled back - account is “under investigation” but she is still able to log in and play - hmm, wouldn’t they have banned her :thinking:

Regardless - that’s not the point.

The POINT is this:

Your sad pity party story is pathetic. And COMPLETELY false. You’re crying about her sitting on your islands hitting you, big bad bully :sob::sob::sob::sob: … but yet, it was the complete opposite. I have PAGES AND PAGES AND PAGES of attack logs.


For someone who cries cheat … you and your team should look at your own - bc y’all def aren’t innocent. When banners disappear, troops magically appear - I could go on.

But I won’t. And that’s ok - because there is enough proof :wink:

I just want to say I think it’s pathetic how much you specifically have cried on the forums, when your story is completely and utterly WRONG. And I’ll be more than happy to spam those screen shots here if you’d like :woman_shrugging:t2:

Seeking Clarification

Which - is why you couldn’t enfeeble … not the other way around :woman_shrugging:t2:


Gonna weigh in again after the other garbage I just read.
Another “Harv” :joy::joy::joy: I’m sure if it was HRV helping you fight your battles you wouldn’t complain, I mean…they are in your mini alliance.
The hate mail our alliance has received for attacking you back is nobodies business. Telling us you’re going to war our alliance blah, blah, blah…did we run to pg? No! Will we now? Probably not. All of this is rather silly, petulant name calling etc. show me proof that people are cheating, build a case (like we have :smirk:) rather than running to the forums because we are protecting our castles.
You weren’t complaining when you were conquering other castles 🤷
You just mad that you guys dropped the ball and some of us picked it up after you :see_no_evil::speak_no_evil:


This is singular

This is plural

Im not sure how you can compare the two…

But you didnt kick them first?

This whole saga is so weird haha


If you suspect someone but don’t want to accuse them how do you handle it?

Yeah, I should have said “you” but I’m done with them.


Oh okay no I just werent sure what that argument was. Rainbow has definitely had people banned too. This whole this is quite interesting nonetheless.

Not I totally get the wait and see approach.


We sure have… in the past 3 months there have been 4… wanna take a guess how that happened?

I’d turn my own mother in if I knew she was cheating!

I told you… I personally don’t tolerate it. I have no control over other people… the two who were banned today… 1 joined the team yesterday from AetherBlade and was banned today! …
and the other one we suspected something was wrong but had no proof… so we had PG look into it rather than accuse someone of anything.


So about enfeeble mechanics being broke AF…


@Panda it is pretty messed up how they screwed everyone w this update :woman_facepalming:t2:


I would just love to see how they logic’d this one out…maybe they see something I dont lol.


There is no logic … it’s PG … it’s all about $$$ and how can we make more :roll_eyes:


This is a reminder to keep this topic on topic and not focus it on any players or teams.