Enfeeble has been enfeebled?


Haha - autocorrupt strikes :scream::joy:

At least I know the difference between your and you’re :woman_shrugging:t2::grimacing:


Ok so after all flagged posts I still have one question. Why doesn’t a towers enfeble work after there are 3 primarchs there?


Cause it’s been enfeebled


Yes this is literally the “Dumbest thing ever” that PG has done. I mean hey, even “forced spending” should have it’s limits. LOL


Enfeeble is a limited defensive measure which is only effective against a small attacking force. That said, it’s too limited right now and we’re testing a change which will (i) increase the limitation threshold from 3 to 5, and cause enfeeble to slowly decay in effectiveness instead of suddenly become ineffective (as more enemy Primarchs show up).


So if 14-16 lvl 400-500+ show up at a base? :man_shrugging:t3:
We just lay down and let them kill us?
Because that’s what’s happening.


If you can’t fight them, you might choose to evacuate once the shield is triggered!


… you’re doing something wrong.


So… let me get this right?
I just want to be clear…

You’re condoning and actually encouraging us to destroy smaller teams?

So I can take 10-15 lvl 250-300’s seek out new Atlas teams average level 100-200 and destroy them totally?

Is that how we should play this game?


Dave isn’t encouraging high level players to wipe out lower level players.
He’s pointing out that if you find yourself in a position where you can’t hold the castle, move.
What is the motivation of the 14-16 lvl 400-500 players? They aren’t wiping you because Dave told them too, but because they want access, or you’re granting access to the enemy, or you get support from higher level teams which provides the attacker with good defensive glory, or someone said something stupid and pissed them off. There are any number of reasons, but there is a reason. Figure it out, and solve it. And if you can’t solve it, Move…


This is not an option. If it’s your only good base, you’ve stacked it with guards, and a big team are tearing at you for ‘fun’. They don’t want the land (they are at max) they just want to kill you.


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