Enfeeble not working

Anyone notice enfeebled not working when you do it. Happens to few team mates now and it shows it’s their but doesn’t weaken base

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Good. They should get rid of that ridiculous button anyway


The more enemy prims on a castle, the less effective enfeeble is.


I don’t think this thread was created to get peoples opinion on this function, so this is not helpful at all. It’s just a player who runs into a problem ans asks if anybody else is getting the same issue.


My experience one hour ago, if your tower level is 1, the minor effect makes you feel enfeeble not working

That’s technically a bad idea with all these bullies in atlas.

It’s factually a good idea. Learn to fly your dragons then :woman_shrugging:t2:

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That argument may work for similar level players. But when it’s a retired level 700 parked on a small team, enfeeble makes a lot of sense (assuming they can even beat him when enfeebled).

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People still enfeeble me and are still too slow idk why this button is still a thing by time u even enfeeble someone they would already be ahead of you and there is no point even trying lol

Not many people do that so don’t give me a very poor excuse to just get rid of enfeeble.

Actually it depends on the team who enfeebled you or who you enfeeble it may be useless to you but it’s beneficial to others. That’s the thing people like ruining everything for everyone because of ignorance.