Enfeeble Scaling Implemented

Enfeeble has been changed to now scale down with the number of enemy Primarchs present. This means that the more coordinated an enemy team’s attack, the less-impactful Enfeeble will be, all the way down to 0% effectiveness.

Previously, Enfeeble was not allowed at all if the enemy had more than three Primarchs present. Now, every enemy Primarch past the 5th one will reduce the Enfeeble effect by 3%.

Example 1:

Level 1 Tower with -8% Enfeeble
8 Enemy Primarchs present

Three enemy Primarchs in excess of 5 are present, reducing the Enfeeble effect by 3 * 3% = 9%.

Enfeeble now has 0% effect.

Example 2:

Level 6 Tower with -23% Enfeeble
10 Enemy Primarchs present

Five enemy Primarchs in excess of 5 are present, reducing the Enfeeble effect by 5 * 3% = 15%.

Enfeeble now has 8% effect.


thanks this is much better

Does this mean the number of enemies that are there st the time of enfeeble, or how many are there are the time the enfeebled primarch is attacked

The effect persists based on the number of enemies present at the time it was enfeebled. Primarchs joining or leaving the fight will not change the effect that was already applied.


How will one troop primes impact this?

Good question.

It behaves the same as multiple troop primarchs. But now you need a lot more and you won’t be prevented from using enfeeble.

The old setup required you have less than 3 primarchs to even use it. (I had a team throw a constant barrage of 1 troop primarchs at us while a level 500 rusher camped on our base)

In the old system we even tried getting coordinated kills of 1 troop primarchs and we couldn’t keep them gone long enough to activate.

In the new system we would be able to activate t always and a wave of kills would allow us much increased enfeeble. But also higher tower level matters a lot now.

As Echo said

So you cannot actually get the full potential of the enfeeble unless you wave, kill all the one troop primes, then enable enfeeble.

So an enemy can still keep sending waves of one troop primes at you while you waste time killing them (easier now that summon times are shorter). And you’ll never be able to use the full potential of enfeeble.

It is an improvement from before but I still think total troops need to be a factor here not just number of primes.

Maybe make it simple and don’t allow primarchs to carry 1 troop. Maybe a minimum of 500 or 1000 are required to spawn.

This way it would be worthwhile to keep killing them.

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First off that’s good. If you enfeeble and they send more 1 troop primes it makes it worthless. Better to do a wave and enfeeble.

Secondly the old method made higher tower levels pointless as increased percentage didn’t help If you could not activate it. Now it is possible to add percentage to essentially increase the buffer of primarchs.

I wouldn’t get caught up in “full potential”. Full potential is overkill. I don’t need the towers of a 400 to be less than 40 to kill with 1 dragon

It’s absolutely reasonable to me. I can use it now when I couldn’t before.

How would you suggest doing that? Yes the new version can be abused in the opposite direction as you can now still enfeeble with many primarchs present.

I’m more concerned about the sieger debuff being the same with 1 troop or 50k

I have nothing to,add, was just wondering whether I can post here - reformed atlas abuser

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