Entering A Time Paralyzed By Disorder

As the survivors of the Celestial War began settling into their newly rebuilt lives, the wily folk that journeyed to the untouched Northern Prairies came back, retreating from the Strange Lands. Upon their return, those that had stayed away from these verdant plains and magical deserts would soon become witness to a constant, new chaos.

As if the time of the season for shorter days and praying for the piercing cold to pass weren’t enough. It would now be an era of no peace, as long-standing treaties crumbled in the coldest winter.

With battles now on the rise, four new dragons, each bearing a different mantle, soared the skies. The untamed wilderness had arrived, and with it, brought war. Everyone will soon see the wonder and awe of the power of these dragons in an time paralyzed by disorder-- the time of Frozen Chaos.

Season Updates

The Frozen Chaos season will follow a similar, but slightly rearranged structure as Strange Lands with a few updates. But please note, there is a slight change to how evolution stones are given out in regards to upcoming tiers. In this season, there will be a claimable node for mythic dragons offering an “Upcoming Evolution Stone” that players will be able to collect.

However, players won’t be able to use that stone, as when they get their dragon to level 135, they’ll see the message, “You need to breed a legendary dragon from the Upcoming tier before you can level up this dragon.” Once the next tier (tier 20) goes live in Feb 2022, all the “Upcoming” text will update with the name of new tier as soon as it is live, and the dragons will be able to be upgraded

Below is the TL;DR so you know what you’re about to get into this season.

Key Highlights

  • New Mythic Content!
  • Spell Rider Branch
  • New Champion Rider Branch
  • Electrum Tower Branch
  • Resurrection Branch
  • Cosmic Orrery Branch (updated 11/29)
  • Candy Cane Branch
  • New Node For Mythics That Reward An Upcoming Evo Stone

Boosts, Branches, and Prize Updates

The major branches will contain 6 season keys each, while the Mission Boost branch will contain 1 season key. The Cosmic Branch will contain 2 season keys. The Festive Dragon branch will contain 3 season keys. 20 total keys are required to unlock your choice of either Mythic Dragon. Mythic Dragon branches will be available at no Sigil cost and all of the Dragon’s evolution stones can be claimed for free once the branch is unlocked.

All Mythic Dragon branches can evolve up to our upcoming tier Legendary Power levels as soon as this tier is available in early 2022.

  • This Season, the Legendary Dragon branches will require 39.0kk Sigils to complete each line.
  • The Base Boost branch will require 39.0k total Sigils to complete
  • The Electrum Tower branch will require 39.0k total Sigils to complete
  • The resurrection branch will require 39k Sigils to complete and contain 6 season keys
  • The champion riders branch will require 39k sigils and contain 6 season keys


Wave 1 (Going live on 12/1/21) - Week 1

  • Corrallae Branch (Discount Dragon - 50% off in Sigil Costs for 2 weeks) - (Going live on 12/1/22) - Week 1
  • Oraun Branch (Going live on 12/1/21) - (Going live on 12/1/21) - Week 1
  • Base Boost Branch (50% off in Sigil for the first 2 weeks) - (Going live on 12/1/21) - Week 1
  • Mission Boost Branch - (Going live on 12/1/21) - Week 1
  • Strange Lands Redemption Branch - (Going live on 12/1/21) - Week 1
  • Seasons Leaderboard Branch - (Going live on 12/1/21) - Week 1
  • Cosmic Orrery Branch- (Going live on 12/1/21) - Week 1
  • Candy Cane Branch - (Going live on 12/1/21) - Week 1

Wave 1.5 (Going live on 12/15/21) - Week 3

  • Spell Rider Branch - (Going live on 12/15/21) - Week 3
  • Resurrection Branch - (Going live on 12/15/21) - Week 3
  • Electrum Tower Branch (Going live on 12/22/21) - Week 4

Wave 2 (Going live on 1/12/22)

  • Limited Time Branch - (Going live on 1/12/22) - Week 7
  • Champion Rider Branch - (Going live on 1/12/22) - Week 7

Wave 2.5 (Going live on 1/19/22)

  • Tower Branch (To Be Determined) - (Going live on 1/19/22) - Week 8
  • Trading Post - (Going live on 1/22/21) - Week 8

Wave 3 (Going live on 1/26/22)

  • Festive Dragon Branch - (Going live on 1/26/22) - Week 9

Now, a look at this seasons first wave of dragons…

Follow the lights if you seek the umbral throne.


  • INVOKE: DARKNESS - Passive | Yellow
    Dragon’s empowered breath attack freezes towers for (5) seconds and deals (18)% of the dragon’s modified hp as bonus damage. Dragon reloads invoker ammo in (1.5) seconds. Duration: 5s, Cooldown: None.

  • NIGHT’S CURTAIN - Active | Blue | 0 Rage
    Dragon cloaks for (3) seconds and travels at (10)% speed. Upon uncloaking, it damages nearby towers for (8)% of dragon’s modified HP. Duration: 3s, Cooldown: 1s.

  • DANCING LIGHTS - Active | White | 1 Rage
    Damages towers in a small target area for (100) times the dragon’s attack power. Cooldown: 5s.

  • TWILIGHT MANTLE - Active | White | 1 Rage
    Dragon gains a shield for (4) seconds that blocks all incoming damage. When shield expires, dragon gains increased breath damage for (4) seconds, based on how much damage was blocked, up to (300)% bonus damage. If less than (5)% damage is absorbed, gain a minimum (100)% bonus damage. For every (5)% damage absorbed, an additional (100)% attack bonus is applied up to the cap. Duration: 4s, Cooldown: 4s

Runes and Glyphs

Screen Shot 2021-11-24 at 8.55.52 PM

Portrait: Amarth


Even the young can take the mantle, if they’re bold enough.


  • SLIPSTREAM - Passive | Yellow
    Dragon locks on to 2 targets (instead of 3). Breath attacks travel faster and have (200)% increased attack. Dragon has (11)% increased attack range and (66)% increased rage regeneration.

  • BOUNCING BUBBLES - Active | White | 1 Rage
    Deals (60)% of dragon’s modified HP as damage to targeted tower and freezes it for (3)s, then bounces to up to (2) additional towers and freezes each. Duration: 3s, Cooldown: 3s.

  • SWIRLPOOL - Active | White | 0 Rage
    Dragon cloaks for (1) second. While cloaked, dragon flies at (25%) speed. After the full cloak duration ends, dragons attack increases by (300%) for (3) seconds. Duration: 1s, Cooldown: 4s.

  • SLIPPERY MANTLE - Active | Red | 1 Rage
    Dragon flies at (25)% of it’s base speed, dodges all incoming projectile attacks and supershots for (3) seconds and deals (4)% of its modified HP as damage to all nearby towers for each second of the spell duration. Duration: 3s, Cooldown: 5s.

Runes and Glyphs

Screen Shot 2021-11-24 at 9.05.03 PM

Design Intent and Strategy:

Corallae is a sorcerer with unique breath attacks. While most sorcerers can lock on to three
targets at a time, Corallae has learned to focus her breath on only two. Her powerful passive, “Slipstream,” grants her breath attacks increased damage, range, and speed.

To further boost her offensive power, Corallae can freely cast “Swirlpool.” Swirlpool will briefly cloak the dragon in bubbles, but after she reappears, her attack power is greatly increased for a few seconds. Clever dragon lords will make the most of Swirlpool by dodging dangerous supershots and retaliating with an explosive barrage of boosted breath attack.

Corallae’s main offensive spell is “Bouncing Bubbles.” When cast, a bubble projectile bounces from building to building, and deals damage along with a freezing effect to each target it hits. The bounce is quite slow, so it’s often risky to wait for the freeze to bounce to all of its targets.

Luckily, Corallae has her primary defensive spell to help buy her all the time she needs.
“Slippery Mantle ‘’ creates a wall of water and bubbles that distract nearby towers and cause them to miss all attacks for a few seconds. If there are no red mage towers present, the spell will also damage all towers in the area, adding a little more offense to this dragon’s kit.

In the hands of a skillful dragon lord, Corallae’s damage will be hard to soak up.

Portrait Ramara:


Irrepressible flames burst from the cracks between scales.


  • GLORIOUS ERUPTION - Active| Red | 1 Rage
    Dragon fires a projectile that deals (30)% of the dragon’s modified HP as damage to towers in the target area. If any towers are destroyed by this ability, the dragon restores (0.33) rage. Dragon heals for (15)% modified HP and gains (2) rage on cast. Cooldown: 6s.

  • SEARING RAY - Active | White | 1 Rage
    Increase dragon’s breath attack by (300)%. If a building is destroyed while this spell is active, it ignites nearby buildings and deals (300)% of the dragon’s modified attack per second for (5) seconds. Duration 5s, Cooldown: 3s.

  • WING FLARE - Active | White | 2 Rage
    Freezes all nearby towers for (3) seconds. Towers hit by this spell take (50)% increased damage. Duration 3s. Cooldown: None.

  • BLAZING MANTLE - Active | White | 0 Rage
    Shield prevents incoming damage for (3) seconds or until it absorbs damage equal to (40)% of Dragons modified HP. Afterwards, it explodes and damages nearby towers for (12)% of the dragon’s modified HP. Duration 3s, Cooldown: 6s.

Runes and Glyphs

Screen Shot 2021-11-24 at 9.14.57 PM

Design Intent and Strategy:

Reyze is a Mythic Warrior with incredibly powerful area attacks. Reyze’s special spell is Searing Ray, a new spell that greatly boosts its breath damage. If a tower is destroyed during the duration of this spell, nearby towers are set on fire and are dealt damage to them over time.

To pair with its incredibly spreading flames, Glorious Eruption deals massive damage to towers, and if it destroys them, it will restore rage to Reyze. Towers destroyed by Glorious Eruption can also spread the inferno from Searing Ray, if that spell is still active. Proper timing of these spells can lead to incredible destruction on an island.

Reyze’s Wing Flare will stun all of the towers in the area and cause them to take increased damage. A well-timed Wing Flare can not only stop a volley mid-air, but also weaken the towers and set them up for an explosive spell combo.

As the champion of fire, Reyze can cast Blazing Mantle freely. Blazing Mantle will do a large amount of damage before exploding and dealing some back to the nearby towers. This spell can also work in combination with all the others to spread Reyze’s fiery onslaught across your enemy’s kingdom.

A title born not of blood inherited, but blood spilled.


  • SIEGE MODE - Active| White | 2 Rage
    Dragon stops moving and gains (300)% increased attack and takes (50)% reduced damage for (3) seconds. While this spell is not being used, Dragon flies 50% faster. Duration: 3s, Cooldown: 3s.

  • AERIAL RECON - Active | White | 1 Rage
    Dragon cloaks briefly, gains a shield for (20)% modified hp and creates a waypoint. Recast to teleport back to the waypoint and gain an additional shield for (20)% of dragon’s modified HP. Recast Duration: 6s, Cooldown: 7s.

  • PRESS THE ATTACK - Active | Blue | 1 Rage
    Restores (2) rage on cast and dragon heals for (5)% of its modified HP whenever it destroys a tower. Duration: 4s, Cooldown: 6s.

  • TEMPEST MANTLE - Active | Red | 1 Rage
    Dragon dodges all incoming projectile attacks and supershots for (3) seconds, refills all ammo, and deals (8)% of its modified HP as damage to all nearby towers for each second of the spell duration. Duration: 3s, Cooldown: 3s.

Runes and Glyphs

Screen Shot 2021-11-24 at 9.17.41 PM

Design Intent and Strategy:

Aerow is a Mythic Hunter with the ability to set anchors and scout out ahead of them before safely returning. Aerow’s “Aerial Recon” spell can be used to place a waypoint and gain a shield. This spell can be recast again for the next few seconds to pull the dragon back to it and gain another shield. Careful fliers can place the waypoint in front of the island and then face the first volley before rewinding out to safety. More aggressive dragon lords can drop the waypoint in the middle of a fight, then take advantage of both shields while in the fray.

Aerow’s main offensive spell is “Siege Mode.” Upon casting the spell, the dragon will stop moving, cut all damage taken in half, then gain a highly increased attack. Try combining this spell with the shields from “Aerial Recon” to maximize the effect.

For its final two spells, Aerow has “Press the Attack” and “Tempest Mantle.” “Press the Attack” will refill a portion of Aerow’s Rage and allow him to heal a small amount of HP for any tower destroyed during the duration. “Tempest Mantle” will refill all of Aerow’s ammo, as well as dodge all incoming attacks for a brief period of time. “Aerial Recon” around a bend, then use “Tempest Mantle” and “Siege Mode” to deal tons of damage before rewinding back.

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Update: Our team decided to add a CO branch in our wave 1 release after seeing that players were only able to acquire 19 keys during Wave 1 of the season. So now we’ve added this additional branch so that it’s possible to get a mythic before the release of wave 1.5.


Update: Added this detail that was initially meant to go up.