Entrap Color Suggestion

When defended base and either the storm or the earth flak shielded the towers, I can’t see which towers are properly entrap. I’m not sure is call a Glitch in this game or if not then I suggest to PG to change the entrap color to more visible color or make the shielded towers more visible to attacker to see.

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Completely agree. Background colour should not change with hammer, shield and sword buff during active defending.

I am all for anything that makes stuff less utterly blinding when effects start going off.

Being on Android i just started getting the red flash on buildings taking damage. Jury’s still out on whether it’s bad or good, but mostly so far it seems like another thing that can be inconsistent and laggy.


Agreed. Entrap needs to be more visible. Don’t care how they do it (within reason).

Entrapped towers should have a Chunk sitting on them. Hippos raining down every time you cast it.


Agreed :woozy_face:

Sounds reasonable :+1:t2:

For entrap there is atleast a teeny tiny net.

Have you seen sanded turrets? :roll_eyes:


No not really :joy:

I mean I’ve seen sand being cast on turrets but…


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