Entrap to destroy monuments

Hey there, may we please we get entrap to destroy monuments when its cast before the next island

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Entrap does not do damage. Also, this dragon is better than what it should be imo. So let’s not add damage to it.

Getting chests and making room for rage regen, Pick one


Hey tony, I’m not asking for entrap to do damage but just rather to be able to take out monuments. Surely its not asking for much, entrap being able to take out monuments will literally not change the outcome of a battle :woman_shrugging:

In order for entrap to take out monuments, they would need to add damage to entrap. Simply put since this spell is very obviously based on lockdown (not sand), it’s not in the code base of this spell to do damage. They’d have to rewrite and retest the spell entirely.

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Thanks red, such a shame honestly.

why though? if it doesnt change the outcome, why dont you just use normal shot?

People like to preload lockdown so they can stack one rage bar

It has to do with pre-casting. Having taken down a decoy tower or mage drain island, you go in with essentially “6 rage bar”(five rage bar and the pre-cast entrap). Being able to take out monuments along the way would have just been a lovely addition

Really? Any white form of sand will be cast before hitting the next island. How is your post relevant to this thread?

As tempting as it may sound to leave the monuments intact, if you are using it as purely a lead, its better to leave the monuments intact so followers can cast healing mark/spring renewal on it

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then it does change the outcome.

for example, you are low health and there is a healing mark on monument
without the extra health from healing mark on totem building, the dragon will fall at first shot.

if entrap destroy the monument, you reach the island with “6 rage bar” and health
if entrap doesnt destroy the monument, you reach the island with “less than 6 rage bar” and health

That is different outcome there

Indeed. Avyx with Fohmar is a match made in heaven :hugs: and so the monuments help. In my instance thoughx Foh is soloing.

I use ‘sand’ to collectively describe sand, vines, phasmos’ freeze, doom chains and now entrap.

Interesting You’d say that.

lols true, although Foh is soloing in my case

What about the other cases? You can equip extra spell of healing mark on Foh when solo too, you know

Lmfao Hera, we are adding too many ‘ifs’ to this :smile:. Sure that may change the outcome but would you only forge HM just to equip Foh while entrap is pre-cast?

I just make example to explain in simpler term. In conclusion, the outcome will be changed in many cases, entrap purpose is not to do any damage to anything.

:pensive: I guess. Hopefully in its next iteration/variation monuments will be taken into account :+1:

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