Entrapment Formhat


Does anyone else expirience Formhars Entrapment is not working properly.
I can still see the white net and the tower already fires a supershot !? I mean 12 secs is quie a long time. Or should it be like that?

Not understanding?

If you mean a towers been supershot, you then hit with net and it continues to fire & hit you?

If so that’s nothing new…Lots of other dragons have that same issue Hau does, Cloak sometimes the shot will still hit you, sanded towers sometimes continue if they are about to shoot.

I entrap a tower and after a while( seems to be still entraped) it fires a supershot.

I am gettin hit and still seems to be entraped — happened with a fire turret.

Since entrapment is not a freeze-type spell, it’s necessary to hit the tower before it starts any of its supershot sequence.

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As soon as the fire Turret sees you, it will “wind up” AND will finish this process, unless frozen (not entrapped).


Entrapment is a Lockdown based spell, it’s not a Freeze based spell. That means that projectiles will continue their flight path and towers with longer firing animations will sometimes fire off another shot.

I blame the confusing aspect on PG for not having an interface with spell families, so people can understand the inherited ability mechanics.


Yeah but there’s definitely a bug/glitch especially with Turrets…Because even with Cloak 95% of the time your fine and it disappears but that other 5% of the time you’ll be invisible and still get smoked by a fire turret :joy:

@Bussibaer you just want to lockdown/sand and any spell like it ASAP! Most the time it will avoid stuff like this.

I don’t think she means with the Turret in mid flight…
Yeah it’s not freeZe and most the time your good but you can sand/lockdown a tower almost immediately and it take another 1-2 seconds continue on and fire it off. Lol it’s irritating sometimes but it’s not all that often.

The cloak bug is completely different and tied so tightly with the mess of the inherited code base, I’m told.

But it seem to be fire turrets i notice the most BS with…Cloak bug (at least for me) 99% it’s from
fire turret.
Sand/Lockdown them almost immediately takes another 1-2 secs and it just fires away.
Sometimes it will take 0.5 secs to actually disable other towers but it seems way longer wirh Turrets!
Always run into BS with fire :roll_eyes:

just difficult to fly it seems - stomhar :sob::joy::grimacing:

I don’t understand why they cannot just make a new spell that is completely unrelated to the old code :man_shrugging:

Just entrap blue and shoot towers that hurt. Easy enough :+1:

The real programmers who did the initial game design were contractors and they were let go ages ago. The “talent” they still have can only copy and paste code, make a few obvious changes, and pray there are no bugs.

I’m speculating but its a reasonable guess.

Because that would probably take a lot more work than canibalizing old code to make a new spell :joy:

Nothing personal but I would be pretty darn insulted by this if I were the current programmers at PG.

Having spent the last 20 years looking at code written by others it has a LOT to do with how extensible and modular the original kernel components of the game were designed. If it was written as a single monolithic application, breaking it apart into modules and making it more extensible, without breaking it, can be a monumental task. All the while dealing with us users clamoring for new content / features.

Based on other posts you’ve made, I believe you are an intelligent person so I can only attribute this to your feelings of frustration regarding the problems in the game.

Unless we are sitting with the current developers or have seen any of the game code, how can we judge?

Sorry for the rant but really seemed unfair of you.


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Kinda have to agree. This feels a lot more like the original programmers added ducttape until everything seemed to work, and shipped it. That gets the game out faster but results in code that has absolutely no thought put into scaling, extending, testing and maintaining. If the original code base was good, small changes would never be able to break stuff all over the place, that’s a hallmark sign of a bad foundation.

And ripping out bad fundations and replacing them while keeping the game running is hard and expensive at the very least.

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I guess I understand that entrap does not stop the turret animation, but it does seem a bit random sometimes.

My main issue is that I cast entrap and there can be a significant delay in the “webbing” animation. It makes it difficult to know which towers I successfully hit. I would go so far to even say that I have seen a few times where entrap just failed to activate.

Anyone else seeing this?

Vid or pic?

There’s the initial impact of the projectile hitting the tower, then there’s the lockdown animation and then it sets. If you get in it’s range during the animation, it will still fire. Understanding this should help your gameplay.

I am very used to sand mechanics so I haven’t seen anything unusual with entrap except having to wait longer to entrap from the turn than you normally would with sand or lockdown.

Not sure if that worked and apparently I can’t upload the video, but the “not firing” issue happens at the turn, I fire and can see the red circle as proof, but I have to press again for entrapment to actually fire.

Maybe this is normal game mechanic? But this is my first hunter, so maybe you all are more familiar with it.

It travels very fast so you practically have to wait until you almost “face” the island. Firing to early means that it’ll go back to Fomhar’s mouth to fire again. I’m assuming since the towers are firing at you that was your second shot.