Epic drop from bronze chest?

I just got 25 dragon damage increase things from a bronze chest which is an epic drop. I know it shouldn’t have happened because you are only support to be able to get drops up to rare from a bronze. Was this a glitch?

No, epic drops happen, ironically, rarely. Heal pots and sigils are the best


So…you’re complaining that you got too much from a bronze chest?

I’d say Bank Error in your favor, collect and keep going…

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Well duh of course heals and sigils are best

It’s like winning the lottery when it happens.

Just not to me :cry: winning the lottery, that is

farm more bronze chests. it’ll happen.

Yay I won the lottery for the first time lol. Can I win it again please?

Farmed many, need to open them, which I rarely do, or epically do? :thinking:

Keep farming the bronze chests. I usually get 1 epic per 100 bronze opened, so 5 or 6 per event. (that’s an estimated not a hard number because I’m not tracking chest drops any more)

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It is very very close to 1%. I used to save up 900 bronze and open them during breeding and it was very consistently in every 10th open. The odd time it might shift but it was very close to 1%

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