Epic Failure PG

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Why can’t PG do updates in a decent manner? Here we are in the middle of the day and get something pushed out. Unable to defend Atlas attacks, unable to defend War attacks, but we can defend regular attacks. Why?

Will troops be granted back to teams and players that lost them? Will wars be forfeited?

Why cant updates come out right as wars end after all is blocked? Why not set a downtime that is pre-planned? I am sure your service desk hates the thousands of tickets and Im sure you all hate the Forums blowing up as well. I know I hate having to type this every single update.

Please work with your devs to schedule updates. Every business that has servers in a production environment have a process to send patches and updates during normal operations. No planning, knowledge, or communication to those that use the servers is bad form.

Now players and teams are paying a cost that may be corrected but may not be.

Edit - opened a ticket with support, they were kind enough to let me know this is due to a DCON update and should fix itself in a few hours.


all they do is have is force everyone to reboot

Maybe all 1000 messages are from you? :joy:

On a serious note, wasnt this just a prompt to reboot in order to unlock new content? They didnt release an update afaik, so it shouldnt lead to not being able to defend due to different versions.

Except the did push some update to something per their support team.

There was no prompt to reboot. Only the message they are currently updating and battle joins are not accessible. Maybe no battle initiations should go hand in hand with that?!

they did release a update

They’re killing mice at the office?


they sent a update out because i was following wifes runs for xp and i refreshed my page and could not follow her because of a soft update

@PGGalileo any news on the update this week what all was done?

Mhm, still nothing in my appstore, maybe it reaches me later

wont be a app store update it is a soft update

Yeah me too. No update.
Edit: gotcha @Prince

But then 1 reboot should fix this no?


Hey folx, we were alerted to the defend issue as soon as it started and we are currently working on it.

EDIT: I suspect you will be forced to reboot soon, as a heads up^^


Thank you

By then, it will be to late for some teams

its always to late once it happens regardless


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Its difficult staying above water.


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