Epic gear. Worth it to level up?


Wait i haven’t heard about mystic gear🤔


Atlas season gear, Its called Elite gear (not mythic)


Mythic or Elite ? :wink:


It totally depends on your personal and your teams Atlas performance and/or your spending behavior.

If you’re in a good team with access to lvl4/5 poacher regions, farm poachers daily, score high in events and get high team prizes and maybe even buy Atlas packs with crafting materials or use rubies for additional materials from the Bazaar, then you should try to craft legendary gear (chance: 5%, so approximately 1 in 20 crafted items, 6k scrolls only for the weapon).

If this does not apply to you, you should probably just settle with epic weapon/shields/rings and rare for the rest. Those rares are very cheap to max so they will give you a good buff fairly early on.
However, even if your Atlas performance is low, it can be worth it to try for legendary items in the long run but it will take much longer for you to get proper gear buffs.

Also, I suggest treating weapons/shields/rings as a priority. You will want to have those at the highest rarity you can realistically achieve and keep them upgraded as high as possible as they offer the biggest power jumps for the same cost as all ther other gear parts.


Thanks man! I’ll hunt for the legendary gear


Epic gear to level 4 costs 33600 of the primary shards and 25200 of the secondary.


100k primary and 75,3k secondary for level 10 epic upgrade


It’s called Mystic Elite according to this 🤷

Either way, i will change to Elite

The First Atlas Season!

I got really lucky and on my third try for a weapon I got a legendary. I hope I’ll be that lucky again lol!


My suggestion would be to first get one complete set.

Once that is done, start with the lowest scroll cost items and craft until you get epic or legendary on the 50 scroll items, then 100, then 300 and finally the 500 scroll items until the set is all epic or legendary.

Obviously i would level up the legendary gear first. however the weapon is 500 scrolls to craft, so gets very expensive if you don’t get lucky early on.

best of luck


I agree with this with one caveat.

During crafting events i would run a single craft of each of the cheapest ones if you want to queue it all up. Don’t craft 3 boots in a row for instance, craft boots/helm/chest at the same time just in case you get a legendary, then you don’t waste your scrolls on the other crafts. Once you get an epic or legendary of those 3, swap in the next gear piece to the mix. I would typically also stop at legendary or epic for now unless you get a ton of scrolls and really want legendary. You should naturally get 2/8 pieces legendary if you do it this way then it’s up to you to evaluate if you want to recraft some or move onto the next element type.


The scroll costs have been adjusted and are now cheaper.
See this thread for details.


I guess i never looked that closely. when equipped it just says Elite. :slight_smile:


I upgrade epic gear. I still have some pieces to complete to finish a full 1st set for each of my riders. In the meantime epic will serve… especially where i have 2 of the same element type riders.

Scrolls are bountiful right now but shards are not. That cost to try for 1 piece over and over is going to get expensive.


Epic isn’t bad, but i wouldn’t waste time leveling up the common or rare gear.

the season gear is Legendary max 50%, while the crafted gear maxes at 30%. just fyi


There is no legendary gear in any season branch, neither in the core event season nor in the Atlas season.
Also your numbers seem to be totally off. Please do proper research before spreading misinformation.


hmm prize numbe 36 gauntlets +20% attack and prize 50 armor +20% hp. Before update it was 50%…

legendary gear crafted is now maxed at 15%, before update is was 30%…

WTF pg???

wasn’t misinformation, was factual information before this last update!!!

those are stats for gauntlets and armor


That just isn’t correct:



OMG I’m excited :joy::joy::joy: my 1st legendary


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