Epic green dragon

I need to evolve Anuba, Necryx and Leos from Orange tier to Green, but to do that, I need to breed two green epic dragons. I already have Ith. And I have the choice to be Naga, Pandi or Ettin. Do you guys remember what’s the best of those three dragons are, or are they all bad?


Ettin :heart_eyes:

Good old times

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Ettin is not an epic (but yes ettin :heart_eyes:). @Andredass all the epics are crap just breed the one that is on your breeding plan.

I am sure she might not be on an breeding path.

It would help if you tell what all dragons you already have so that we can give you accurate information on which dragon is cheapest to breed. Also I would recommend following a breeding path.
Here is Red’s breeding path which might help you in future


I am following reds breeding plan, but I misinformed you. I ment Elixis not Ettin. I have Ith, and Ettin is on the incubator as we speak. But if I were to follow Reds breeding path, I have to make ettin breedable, breed Danzig and Munin, make Danzig breedable and then breed Pandi before I can make Anuba, Leos and Necryx available for Green Tier.

I don’t know if I’m patient enough for that:P

Well you can use ~20k tokens to breed one of the other epics.

Please list your dragons so that we can suggest most optimised option for you

if you have Ettin in the incubator you just need to hatch him to go in the green tier for Anuba, Leos and Necryx.



My dragons are:
Green: Ith, Gaspar, Garzev (Ettin in incubator)
Orange: Amarok, Luminark, Enki, Darjaa, hydron, Kolo, Lucius, Bronze, Habrok, Ankor, Volos, and Slynx

I have all red, blue and purple dragon (expect dodo)

Should I use my timers for this post to hatch Ettin? For science?

Update. Ofc, I did it for science. Science rules. I hatched Ettin, and now Anuba has evolved to green tier. Thanks ModMat for the idea!


You didn’t give me the time to reply… I was about to write “wait I’m not sure” but probably you are too impatient! Ahahah

Anyway I’m happy it worked!

So the message should be “You need at least 2 green epic”.


You didn’t let me go to Amoeba and search for best option.Good to know that there is always something new to learn.
@ModMat I suppose problem is solved. You could close the topic if I am not wrong.

Mmmmmmmm, I don’t know. I’m going to leave it open for a while, maybe someone else has another question about the same topic.

I mean, this is not a support ticket Ahahahahahahah

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I’m surprised ettin counts. Because I had a team mate some months ago who bred ettin and it didn’t work for him… :thinking:

Wierd. Looks like they changed it. Luckily for me:D

Maybe it was only the first of the two epic/legendaries needed?

Real happy to have found this thread before wasting a bunch of eggs on Elixis.

I haven’t evolved my dragons yet (not level 49 yet so I don’t have the den for it), but I just hatched Ettin as my second green epic/legendary, and the “you need two epic greens to evolve this dragon” text on Spindra has disappeared, so it looks like this works.

Don’t breed that horrible ugly dragon! Don’t really know how to explain why that dragon should be non-existent @Elixis


:rofl: It came free with Ettin for me, though.

@PGEggToken This is another long-running question that’s been around. I don’t know if the long-form text is pulled from the achievement files or elsewhere, but bred -> hatched, two green epics -> two green epics or higher (and applied to legendaries, as well, if mythics count), and include lineage (as divines don’t count) in there too.