Epic pride rune


Woundering why the epic pride rune only has 1 modifier instead of 2 like a normal epic rune? And im not sure if the legendary and mythic are the same?


I think you should Search about this matters before posting a question as it has already been discussed a bit in other threads. Please help us prevent the dilution of information in the forum. Think smart, think Search.

Thank you.

@Psarus @ModMat all yours.

Is the chat glitched?
Event Glitch getting rubies instead of chests

The solution to dilution is pollution? :thinking:


What do you mean exactly? I am not advising to post an unrelated reply in any thread but there are a few threads about Winter Dragons, runes and Winter Dragons runes. One-spelled epic and stronger runes are already mentioned in those threads. Keeping information in a same topic is a good way to answer one and many questions about a big subject in my opinion…

But I admit that sometimes a recap FAQ would be nice…


We have several threads about this. Try to use the “search” function, you’ll find a lot of information about this. Closing this one