Epic Runes on Season Lines

Sorry if this was discussed elsewhere I couldn’t find it. Why the Epic rune?

There is 3 runes…In each branch

What really!!! Wow!!!

I think he meant why three when you can only put 2 on 1 dragon.

Also why is the hunters not HM (it’s best skill)


It was in the preview stream, though I don’t remember exact reasoning, but it was something along the lines of giving people something they’d be able to use earlier. It’s also friendlier to newer players, who might not reach the later prizes (or those who do a secondary line), I suppose.

Edit: Oh, and today’s stream mentioned that combining it with glyphs could lead to crazy combinations, such as +6 chains on Thunderbolt, if I remember correctly.


because they know HM glyph will be used on something else (ferga perhaps) :smiley:

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Ummm no… this is the best HM dragon currently. Ferga is emerald… so is Borg…

but im not obsidian yet :stuck_out_tongue: so ferga is still my to go after necryx sand the whole base. was expecting for a mythic HM so I can put it on him :frowning_face:

Then you should have bought those Glyph chests a few weeks ago. They had them in there

i did a few and got crap runes/glyphs :stuck_out_tongue:

Haha that sucks… I didn’t even try.

got 1 mythic rage glyph after 30 pulls. so much craps in chest. and guess who will get that glyph

The new hunter? :blush:


nope. we’ll see but so far noct… Im so far behind so i just leave those good runes there. took me 3 months to save all the good runes for my ferga :stuck_out_tongue:

I know… kinnarus


ftt… i dont play with the noob dragon. kinnarus is so boring

Kinnarrus is the best!! Pffftt best red ever.

Kinn is the only usable warrior I have



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I can see 1 or 2 of them being runes for newer players that won’t get as far but the last one should be a glyph. Whats the point in my legendary wisdoms and rage runes now if I have to use the 2 runes from the dragon line for it to be any good. Finding glyphs that match the dragon skills is hard enough. I still haven’t used necryxs elemental barrier rune until he’s caught up on xp and i can remove the wisdom. I have no glyphs that are useful on him. Now it’s a repeat for this season.