Epic sigil drops nerfed?


Excuse the hell outta me, but what’s with epic sigil drops in gold chests only totalling 60 after update to 3.73?


FOUnd the same


same here. Need PG verification on this @PGJared (sorry for tagging you twice)


I got a rare drop of 15 sigils I bronze rather than 25


Rare is dropping both 15 and 25


This should now be fixed.


I just opened 20 gold chests and got zero.
Had they been less than what they have always been I woulda been super pissed


but what about the mistake we got? Will we receive the difference back?


For clarification, “this” being fixed is the quantity of sigils (back to 125) or the rares dropping different amounts?


Sigil quantities of all rarity.


this shouldn’t have been broken in the first place. why would your engineers be screwing around with sigil drop numbers in the first place?!


Maybe they weren’t, but the coding for the new event affected it in some unforeseen way.


seems shady.


I opened 50 golds and 400 bronzes. Sadly didn’t think to screen capture them all. Doubt I’ll get anything back. Disappointing for sure that there had to be a glitch.


I’d say it depends on how the situation is resolved - I guess we’ll know once the players who opened gold chests hear back on compensation


As a professional computer engineer and programmer, I find it EXTREMELY unlikely that this was a simple bug. I suspect it was a test to see how we would react. Once they gauged the swiftness and seriousness of our reaction they claim bug and put it back the way it was. And of course, impossible to verify. But a genuine bug would have been more likely to have give extreme values of sigils, like 4294967295 or -2147483648, etc (datatype overflow).

At least it does seem that it has been put right. I am getting correct values now and sounds like others are as well. But I suspect we havent heard the last of this. Watch them introduce it officially next season.


You don’t need a screen shot if you know the approximate time you did it. Just submit a ticket and make sure to give a rough time stamp they can go back at look at what you were doing at the given time.


I didn’t even think of it being a “bug” since old values still dropped as well which is why I didn’t take screenshots of all of them.


so do I get my gems back or do I get the sigils I’m due? @PGJared


Hey all! Sorry for the mix-up with the start of this event. We’ve corrected all of the amounts for the items dropping from the chests, so the right quantities should now be live. If you suspect that you received the wrong amount, please let support know and they’ll look into your issue and sort it out. Thanks and good luck!

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