Epic vs. Legendary Divine's

Decided to go with fomhar for this season. I noticed hes only listed as an epic in the breeding castle. I know that epic vs. what ever effects breeding level and over all power among the breeding dragons, but is there a difference among the divines? Obviously the mythics are more powerful, but the two hunters are listed with the same max power, but one is legendary and the other is epic.

As they level, they morph into legendaries.


but wasn’t morph(os) mythic? :yum:



Go back to your spread sheets mech!


But why do the others start at legendary, i.e. aibrean? Also, at what level does it happen? Only got him today so hes only green.

When he gets to gold tier he becomes legendary if i’m not wrong.
And Aibrean starts also as epic i have him on my alt he’s only epic.
Hope it helps :wink:

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I evolved Kirin to his first stone and he’s legendary now, so the gold thing doesn’t apply to all of them. Just thought I’d add somethin to the discussion lol

@free2kill. Thats interesting because he shows as legendary in my castle

It shows legendary if you don’t get him. Once you get him at level 1 it will show as epic

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Like Luffy said it shows as legendary before you get him to hold but Kirin is special he was legendary from low tiers.

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