Equestor is expensive

why are the costs for Equestor so high?
he needs so many meat to level up…
the costs have doubled…

Lol you should see my neptus


its normal. for every Divine.

It works to promote people to upgrade their base and RSS buildings, I suppose. Divines also tend to be strong for their level, so it makes sense that they’d take more to feed. It can be a pain, though :joy:

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wait till you get to need above millions of food for an mythic sap and emerald, 600k is nothing LMAO

or 1.6m for a Harbinger :roll_eyes::joy:

Most likely since this season’s dragons are stronger than last season’s in attack power so more attack power equals more food. Eye for an eye

But the costs of Equestor are much higher than the costs of the other divine dragons

compare Equestor with leos or another dragon from this season…

661814 = 661814 - Are you comparing dragons at the same level?

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