Equestor Resurrection Branch - Official Discussion Thread

I believe the CF was told they wouldnt have them when they were given the seasonal info at the beginning of the season

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CF said no OP runes, like Leo’s runes that gave dragon HP


Wow so it does have the runes.

They are the same as the old ones… so old ones should work? (like if they are leveled up already) … and these obviously won’t stack if they are the same runes.

Can someone confirm?

Maybe I will get him after all if I can use my old maxed runes since it also has dust in the line which I’m badly in need of.

Might have been deleted from chat, but I believe I remember it being said either in a stream or chat somewhere by a PG employee. Could be wrong but either way question to Gal still stands to give final word after asking the team.

They couldn’t have placed a mythic glyph this time instead? :unamused:

We did tell CF that OP runes wouldn’t return if certain dragons were voted back by the community (I believe Leo’s runeset was the specific topic of conversation), so that may have been the cause of some confusion.

We did an analysis of Equestor’s Runes and didn’t find them to be an issue.


What changes, if any was made to her for the Higher tiers :thinking: Viability is the real question for the older player base that had her already…Will she stand up to the current meta?

That doesn’t seem to be the consensus take on Equestor’s abilities, but we’ll have to wait until one of the higher-leveled folks have a chance to level her up and go for a ride.


I can answer you this without even test fly
She won’t survive an equal tier base with howi

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IF her chain lightning is much more powerful at higher tier than she could be quite capable of wiping out Island, including Howie would think…


Nope he wont… he wont be able to take out any good bases with flaks as flaks didnt even exist when he was born.

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Believe at least Dark Flaks existed, perhaps one other…You had to target and take them out first before they got you…

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Ss earth+ mages, rip.

Flaks absolutely did exist before Equestor. Equestor was Wintertide which started Nov 2017 and dark flaks were introduced March 2017. Fire flaks came out Aug 2017.


Maybee, but no earth or ice flaks. He wont survice any base under current meta. He will survive at best 5 seconds before drop rageless like a rock nowdays.

Ice flaks came out Jan 2018, so Equestor was still relevant.

He probably won’t be great today, but flaks were around back then.


Think will depend much on how powerful her Thunderbolt spell is at higher tiers, along with her Essence Spells, providing there was significant changes made to make her viable to current meta…


Earth+ mages, his thunderbold wont kill anything expect maybee the earth. Hes a goner and new stones wont change that.

So as someone who flew Equestor a lot back in the day and actually still uses him [although he will be leaving the team this season unless I choose this line out of sheer nostalgia], let me weigh in a bit.

Yes, flaks did exist when Equestor was released. Yes, it was necessary to take them out first. Yes, people have already answered both of those questions in the time it took me to type this.

Basically, Equestor is, quite literally, a one-trick pony. Lightning is and was his only viable way of damaging things. The thing is, he hits like a truck, but has no real control over where his lightning bounces. The additional bounces granted by his runes helps mitigate that. Base design has obviously gotten more complex since Equestor was my go-to. The best strategy for Equestor is to focus down whichever tower [storm or earth flak] is providing a shield. He basically has to fire two chain lightnings in fast succession, and hopefully, that is enough. If not, he’ll have another one in a few seconds. Extract Essence is merely a sideshow. It costs too much rage to use the other spells when Equestor’s strategy is pretty much to level everything fast. Obviously, his weakness is getting rage-drained, but using Equestor right pretty much boils down to “attack too fast to get rage-drained”. Not really viable against defenders, but fine against undefended, especially if you don’t go too high. If Equestor can’t level everything fast, he’s pretty much dead on arrival. That was even the case at the time of his release, but he was fine within his niche.

Flash forward to today. Plenty of people have now pointed out that Howitzers mess Equestor up big time. There are also more flaks available, meaning people are more likely to have more than one, so he is less likely to be able to tank enough to get past the island. His lightning tower resist is nigh-useless in the current meta. Even his increased rage generation is now shared by other more relevant dragons [if you count Nucifera as relevant, anyway]. This is a very outdated dragon. Mine has only managed to hang on all this time because I have Malus with near-maxed gear on him.

This kind of goes back to my argument earlier in this thread: it doesn’t seem right for an outdated dragon to cost the same as a modern one. If this was a “fun” branch for a relatively low cost, say, 10k sigils, that might be appropriate. Obviously, there shouldn’t be any keys in a branch like that, but if we could just buy the remaining stones, it would be a nice way to get something fun on the cheap while PG benefits from siphoning off a bit of sigil from our bigger seasonal plans. Kind of like some of the limited time branches. As it is, there is no way Equestor is worth 36k sigils in 2020. The only people who could possibly benefit from buying Equestor now are super low-levels and people with nostalgia goggles.


Let’s use spatulla lv 92 as templates

This is the max mythic set+ pride rune + his rune and 3 mythic sorcerer hp glyphs + hugo for max hp cause his lightning base on hp so his lightning will be 16% modified hp
1.24b x 16%= 198.4m damage

This is a currently max dark flak without gear
If you apply gear+ rider+ research+ erotic rune/glyphs it’s will be more than double the hp this which means equestor wont be oneshot anything with the lightning, he might get lucky and use the lightning another time if there’s not a defender use earth flak ss or mage and he won’t be able to tank a single hit from howi so it’s useless in current meta