Equestor Resurrection Branch - Official Discussion Thread

@AlphaUnChained Yes.

@FieryxFury Heck yes.

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I’m not gonna mention names, but I might just know someone… :eyes: :joy:


Not saying I might not be one of them. :joy: Malus and Equestor is my one true Rider/Dragon pairing, and as much as Equestor struggles in the current meta, he still manages to remain one of my most used dragons since I don’t usually hit up too far. Decent gear and low expectations work wonders. :rofl: Beyond that… who doesn’t love the idea of a two-headed horse from the netherworld with a fiery blue mane who shoots lightning? When he was released, I thought he was one of the coolest things I’d ever seen. I’d give a lot to keep him on my roster still, but I’m not sure I can justify giving 36k sigils. Ah well, there’s still Luzok.


I remember seeing the same thing. I think the problem is, agin. Lack of communication from pg.

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I don’t have him on this account but did on my original account that I don’t play anymore. I was going to skip him but I couldn’t resist. :woman_facepalming:t3: Probably gonna be useless for me now but he’s so cool looking.


Just send a mail im not an alt

Forgot the /s lol. Was joking as a lot of banners here go untouched.

The major reason I don’t like the Resurrection Branch comes down to trust.

If a company tells me that a dragon is going to be exclusive to a single season - I expect them to keep that promise. At this point, why should I ever trust PG again.

If you want to bring dragons back from the dead - then make sure your customers are aware of this. This includes changing your advertising. Then only bring back dragons which were released after the change.

For years PG said there would never be a WHITE MAGE TOWER - can’t trust that anymore. Wouldn’t doubt if we get one in the Spring Season. Guess you could make a PURPLE MAGE TOWER that does the exact thing a white one would (plus block blue and red spells), then say we didn’t mislead our customers.

Secondary reason, would rather have valuable PG employee(s) time spent making the current seasonal dragons function properly - rather than bringing an old one back and adapting it to current game play. Just doesn’t seem like a sound strategy that PG is doing.

Sorry that one of the mythics can’t even take a relatively hard base undefended - but look here - a dragon from a few years ago is now available. Awesome.

Will say this - bringing back old dragons could save PG a lot of resources in dragon development and art work; especially, if you brought them back as mythics.

But this move does ring of desperation.


I always thought Equestor looked dope, and am seriously considering getting him. Given all the complaints I have about the game, I want to at least thank the devs for this, especially since its something many people have been asking for. I think it’s a cool idea, if even just for the Halloween season.


Maybe someone knows, that was before I started paying attention to the line contents but how many gold chests used to be the the legendary lines back when Equestor originally came out? 80 seems low. The timers are fairly good but no embers and what looks like gold chests replaced by silver chests. Really the only good things about this line seem to be the timers and the mythic rage rune. And that’s not worth 36k

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Too many complains about she can’t survive current base setups but many new legendaries can’t too. My old Equestor at emerald tier and without rider can easyly kill empowered shrine bases in Template Raid so I am very sure with higher tiers she can fly well as much as younger legendaries :slightly_smiling_face:


Good point, but if you need for emerald temple raid be certain you want to tier past that now

Not if you have chats setup to say you’re farming glory :p, thought that was the whole point of them lol

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Spot on mate :beers::facepunch: it’s not always about end game.


With PG‘s amazing game balance, low levels have access to exactly the same towers as high levels (unless you‘re talking about lvl20s).
Just the lower lineage tiers are completely worthless so all they can really do is to get divines.
Now even there PG sells them useless and outdated dragons like this one.

Only in Galileo‘s world this dragon is ‘cool’.
(Take it easy, this is feedback not an attack)

So no GPF testing again?

Define OP runes?
There weren‘t many mythic rage runes given out through seasons so you could atleast call it very unique.

I‘m absolutely for using player feedback but I just want to point out that this has never been an issue before.
If you know what your community likes, you will pick the right ones.
You already did it with Kinnarus, Zamrok, Borgian, Merkt, Noctarn, Hauhezen… all great picks.
I get you would love to recycle old stuff and resell it expensively but noone wants this.
Same reason you stopped the cheap recolored dragon versions in lineage tiers.
There‘s no reason to fall back into old mistakes.

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Problem I have with equestor line is all the xp potions rewards. Why would I take this branch even boosted? It’s like claiming gold chests during fort or breeding. :expressionless:

Well in a way it doesn’t matter if it has crappy fillers like xp potions, xp boosts, 6 chisels, or food boosts, as long as the other rewards are big enough to make the total number of real rewards good.

Unfortunately that does not seem to be the case. It has a good number of timers, tokens and rune dust, better than other dragon lines. But it also has half the gold chests, and completely lacks embers and other building materials. The secondary rewards are not terrible, overall, but certainly no better than regular lines.


I don’t understand why they did a completely different branch for Equestor instead of leaving it like the other dragon branches. More timers and tokens are nice, but I want the gold chests. And I really don’t get PGs obsession with XP pots. :joy:

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I guess with Equestor being a non-standard branch, it’s a nice opportunity to experiment around a little.

As for the xp potion obsession, I think that’s part of the “collect wide” initiative going on. Among other reasons (like breeding cost, hatching cost, general viability), one of the reasons to not have a wide range of expert dragons is that leveling them is a lot of work. XP potions, with the proper scaling they now have, mitigate that.

And while I don’t feel a big personal urge for them, it’s ok to have a pile lying around, as long as they don’t siginificantly interfere with the regular prizes we get. In this case they may have, although I suspect it’s mostly the pile of worthless silver chests that’s being overvalued, and is displacing the gold chests.

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