Equestor’s runes for other dragons

Hi everyone -

I’d like to go down Equestor’s line to get the legendary and mythic runes for my upcoming Hauhaset hatch. From what I understand these are legendary and mythic rage runes with white lightning secondaries, correct?

I am in plat 3/4 and have no access to good runes. I already put the epic rune on Borgian and am loving the change.

Thanks for your advice!

Yes mythic and Legendary rage with +1 thunderbolt bounce. I think this secondary effect is one of the most effective ones in the game for runes. But not many dragons (2) have the spell, Thunderbolt. If you have other rage runes, then put those on hau. Either way u will need glyphs. Those on Eq’s branch are runes not glyphs.

Thank you!

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