Equestor vs Leos

Who here thinks that Equestor is better than Leos? Like Equestor is like a weaker version of Kinarrus but still strong. While Leos is weak as heck with only a similar ability like Moonfang’s but weaker and not to mention Leos also has a horrible blue shield and only two resists. So in my opinio, Equestor is better.

I prefer Leos.

Well actually I prefer Neptus & then Avyx, but Leos I have at 52 and Equestor I stopped at 19.

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I prefer equestor and I’m much better at flying him too


leos is possible one of the most boring and shit dragon. first of all, u won’t do any damage if his lions rage does not kick in… by the time it kicks in and your shot with mage supershot, u will not be able to heal. its only decent of a dragon if no one is defending… it has nothing to offer as an offense… complete waste of winter season for me.

It’s also worth noting that Equestor’s Lightning Familiar wasn’t working as advertised until a more recent patch. Now, it actually gives 50% rage regen. I don’t have the dragon to test how it actually flies, though.

I prefer Spindra. With Leos runes. That is all.

Ember > both


I went for Equestor because it was the only one with a white spell actually. It does good damage and with runes giving more rage it’s okay for me. The only problem I’ve got with these seasonal dragons are they can’t be on the same level as previous seasonal dragons. Hope Pg corrects this one.

if you know how to use Leos spells effectively, it is one of the best warrior out there for undefended bases. Actively defended base is altogether different story where even Equestor will struggle.

Leos is decent on undefended bases; defended, he drops like a stone. I didn’t get Equestor (I’m not a sorcerer fan + Leos was discounted), but from what I’ve seen, he seems a bit better than Leos overall.

Leos is kinda boring indeed. As mentioned against undefended bases he’s ok and he’s got strong resists for sure. I have him cause he was the bonus dragon and therefore the only one I was able to finish. Got him to emerald so far and won’t do him any higher. Only if the new rider is shit I’ll finish Leos and hope for a better bonus next season

My first discount drag was necryx and he is by far my strongest. I tried Leo’s as I didn’t find any interesting drags this season and he was cheaper. Problem lies when you want to attack a base you would get with your strongest, aka necryx. He dies. But definitely better than sage and tarand, maybe just not s good as zam. Equestor seems eas to kill as long as mage fire

I doesn’t seem like a problem. It seems to be working as intended in my opinion because they are pretty powerful not looking at AP number specifically.

I didn‘t level any of the two so I don’t know which one performs bad and which one performs even worse against defenders.
But if I had to choose between EQ and Leos I would only go for Leos‘ branch to get his runes and put them on a decent hunter :smirk:

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I’m not sure how you’re concluding that Equestor is a weaker version of Kinarrus, since the raw damage values for this Winter season’s dragons are significantly higher than the raw damage values for last Summer’s (when Kinnarus was released). Kinn’s shield + earthquake are awesome, but EQ’s white lightning bolt means he is not as hindered by mage towers.

To the original question, from the people I’ve talked with, those who have Leos at a high level love him and think he is superior to Equestor, but anyone who has both Equestor and Kayla admit that there is no contest, that EQ is hands-down the more powerful.

I have Leos on my small account, so he’s only evolved to green so far, but I like him, and he will replace Chimerak eventually (because I only got Chim’s green stone on that account, and have Leos to Garnet). But given the choice between the two, I find EQ more fun to fly; steal essence makes things interesting.

Leos is pretty strong, because of his resists, but he is an incredibly boring dragon to fly. Although I do not have Equestor, I will saw in terms of raw damage he is quite impressive. He can deal three different kinds of damage almost at the same time. Against a well designed defended base, however, Equestor falls a bit short. If his lightning bolt cannot oneshot the dark flak, he is dead meat.

However, neither dragon can compare to Avyx. On my base, when defended, Sapphire Equestor had the same performance as Gold Avyx, when I was level 80, with a level 27 Dark Flak. On a defended base, I would even choose Avyx over Necryx often times. This is primarily because of how much damage he can deal. He just chews through defenses, and then can heal up with just a healing mark or two, if he is properly runed.

I would say, for me, Leos would have more use. Sometimes a tank is required, and Leos’s resists can help him fill this nitch. Equestor’s main selling point is massive damage, but Avyx readily outperforms in this area. For this reason, I got Leos and Avyx this season.

On a side note, Platinum Leos can tank through my base, at least before the fort event


Spindra is better than ember when there are live towers or multiple fire flaks. Give spindra some love!


NEVER! Sorcs get no love :triumph::joy:. Seriously, haven’t flown him tho, so I’ll take your word for it


Another nicely put post. Exact same thoughts.

Lol even I have Avyx and Leos.

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I have Avyx and leos. I like avyx more than leos, but leos is useful. I don’t have equestor though.