Equipping skins

I have a question, so if I have a dragon that can become mythic, do i need to make that dragon a mythic if i want to get the skin that u get that you can get after the season is over(from those season point tokens that u get for being top 1000), i ask because the skin i want is a recolor of a mythic skin, but i want to know if i have to make my dragon a mythic before i can equip a recolor of a mythic skin, or can i just keep him at legendary and still be able to equip the mythic recolor skin

No. There’s specific ascension skins that you need to claim the mythic version before you can use. However, the leaderboard skins which you get from event points (or the limited time branch at the end of the season) can be equipped on the legendary version of the dragon.

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Do you mean the limited time branch at beginning * of the season, the one where u cAn spend the season tokens, where u can get skins and portraits? Because thats the skin im aiming for, and based on what u said, i should be able to equip that skin on a legendary? Because that skin is a mythic skin recolor

Yes, the leaderboard skin that you get from the leaderboard prize line at the start of the next season can be equipped on the legendary or mythic version of that dragon. The Mythic skin and the Ascension token skins are unlocked through the mythic line but technically you dont have to actually ascend it to use them.

Dragon rarity means nothing in terms of the skin, you can even re-equip the legendary skin onto the mythic version if you want.

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THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, my efforts have not been futile!!! Big help dood thanks again! Appreciate it!