Equipping spells in atlas

So we have 8 seconds to pick our dragon, can that 8 seconds also apply to adding an add-on spell? Twice now in the time in takes to heal, dragon, scroll to add on spell equip it (yes equip it) it doesn’t show up in battle. Then after the battle I go check and it’s equipped. Please fix this.


Isn’t this for every defended attack?



Edit: yes you get the same time for both atlas and non atlas, I can edit the title if it is preventing people from reading the post


I just don’t know if this post is:

  1. Asking for more time
  2. Reporting a bug/glitch

Probably asking for more time. 9s is barely enough to find the correct spell with lag.

Set your follower dragons spells before your main attack?


Sometimes the lead left no rage, and layout may affect which spell I need to pick (most likely Invincibility, Freeze, or Havok.)


Oh, I don’t follow stupid leads usually :joy:


You must have smarter than average team mates then :rofl:

Although I will admit sometimes I fly stupid and screw things over royally for a follower :sweat_smile:


Seems like Cheeky is flagging two things:

  1. 8s to heal dragon, choose spell etc is too short - this is a QoL issue
  2. If spell is equipped but really really late in the 8s, it doesn’t show up in battle but shows as equipped after the battle (meaning the equip command has gone thru somehow) - this is a bug.

Number 2 is exactly what I mean

I’m the stupid lead in this case so I have no choice but to follow :joy:

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Means if nit shown lol u missed time frame

Part of the issue with this is I don’t think the game should show spells or resists you do not own (some of them there is no way to obtain any longer). If I had a deathgaze for everytime I try to select multi deathgaze I would be a happy man.

Seriously though

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Perhaps it’s “you do not own and cannot be obtained anymore”

Otherwise 200% XP is impossible to buy.

Then why is it equipped after the battle? Seems if there is time for me to equip it during that 8 seconds, it should let me use it, no?


That’s what I meant about not being able to obtain them (beg, borrow, steal, buy, forge, etc…)

I get some old timers still have these and others and I guess I understand why you want to leave the xp boost (100%) in the list but why ones you don’t own?

Because u didnt make sure it was check marked. Just cuz u add or swap a spell if times up wont boost nothing or add spell it goes unboosted n that added spell isnt used so if u made sure it was check marked u must not of hit attack button

Yes, it was check marked.

Then time ran out before u hit attack causing ur boost nor your spell to be active