Erorr or bug ? help please


my lvl is 10 and i cant take lvl gift why ?
and what is that notifacation in prizes and ranked i cant take them




Those rewards are given when a player you refer reaches that level.


For example, this is part of my referral list.


and what about my sec pic


The second is an old bug; you’ll get used to ignoring it, if it’s still there after leaving and re-entering the event screen.


Lol really this glitch has been steeling players prizes now for about 2.5 to 3 months that I’ve been playing the last event I lost 15 prizes and the now before that was about 10 this one here is up to 6… But I was told it’s just a ghost prize … WTF Are you people smoking


It is a visual bug: you didn’t lose a price, it just tells you to claim a price even if you can’t because you don’t have enough points for the next tier. This has been happening for some time now.


Yes I know it’s very confusing sometimes
But thanks for your response


my guess is some really strong crack


Lol like they told my wife about hers it’s bad code and they may never find
it she still can’t even defense her own base and no one can help her in


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