Error connecting to the game

Five minutes ago we started to have this message.

We are in a war and no attack or defense registers. @PGJared, can you check what is all about ?

You can hit okay okay okay and then hit the x and still get into game

Server issues?

Unable to load war screen, team tags not showing up, unable to send help tickets…

But, in my case, can’t attack any bases.

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Same error + all my bronze chests dissapeared and the gold chest aswell :pensive:

Yes, but everyone is again in no team, wars are no longer available… all we can do is talk in TC and LC. Looks a lot like what we had last week.

Same problem. Not my end - other apps & webpages are ok. And getting the same error if I try through mobile data

Same problem for our whole team here.

Me too. I get it right as I go into the game and it won’t stop popping up no matter how much I tap. Can’t do a damn thing.

Yep, keeps telling me this every time I try to go attack even though I have internet and have never had connection issues before

Doesn’t seem to matter if you’re on data, internet, iphone, android or tablet.

@PGCrisis @PGJared


:rofl::rofl::joy::joy: You’re not far off though. Is there a crisis button somewhere here?

@PGJared I filed a ticket and i am sure others have. This needs escalation. It taking away from treasure hunt time.

And then this:

Yep. This is happening to me more often these days… :triumph:

It is FIxED
Someone said it’s fixed

What the heck was that about? :joy::joy: