Error: There is a problem connecting to the server

Error: There is a problem connecting to the server. You must have access to the Internet to Play.

But I am connected to the Internet.

Im having the same problem

Same here… Europe again

Same here, multiple reports from teammates seeing the same

Same thing here :frowning_face: I wanted to knock out a few egg missions during the tail end of my lunch break :sob:

US here, think it is everyone. Sigh. Bad enough I have stuff that was upgrading and they went to 18 days, and now this.

This likely to last long? I have a war attack I need to conplete

Hopefully you’ll have time to get your war run in, though I don’t know what time it is where you’re at. You should have another 4.5 hours or so to get it done… unless you were needing to go to bed.

Same issue here!

Same here but in USA

Hey All! We’re currently investigating what is going on with this right now! As soon as we have an update, we will let everyone know.


Same here in USA

« Unable to attack this opponent »
« No connection detected ! «
« Sync error »
Thankfully the event hasn’t started :stuck_out_tongue:

That was quick ! :+1::+1:

You’re working today? :eyes:

Pg can’t do anything correct…

My whole league is haveing the same problem ! Can only chat that’s it ! This is ridiculas! They better compensate us really well !

Same here Canada. Can’t even chat

We can chat but that’s all

They said they are working on it guys!