Error: Updating Servers message: reason behind it?

I found a thread from December of 2017 that has a brief encounter with a message at the loading screen. I have run into the same thing, and the person says that the problem fixed itself within a few hours. I hope that this issue fixes itself, but is there any actual explanation for it? Or is it a bug on my end?

I think it’s got something to do with your internet connection but I’m not 100% sure. Restart your WiFi router or reboot your device?

I found another thread. Others are saying the problem persists through hard resets and restarts. Seems like a mystery. Should I submit a ticket or wait it out?

I’ll see if that works.

If it doesn’t, send in a ticket I guess. I’ve had this problem briefly and it sorted itself out so IDK :man_shrugging:

It didn’t work and I’m not going to go and restart he router at 11 at night. I’ll see if it works by tomorrow. Man, I really wanted to start on leveling up Samhrad.

Damn, sorry mate :dizzy_face: Good luck :+1:

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thanks man. :point_right::last_quarter_moon::point_right:

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I have this problem, re-install can log in to see the chat, you will get stuck when you do other actions, once you open the game there will be no screen to join this screen, to card for 4 days, and I return this situation to call me patience Wait, they need time to find the problem…

oh man. The problem didn’t go away for me. How do I submit a ticket?

click retry a few times… had the same issue at Koth event all the time

I reinstalled the game. The spring veil theme finally kicked in, it’s beautiful, but I’m lagging to the hells above.

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