Error when trying to speed up armor crafting

Every time I try to speed up the armors upgrades using rubies, after I close the Forge, I get an “we’re sorry, WD will try to sync with servers” message and the modifications are undone.

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Yeah… it sucks. I’ve had it happen before. Only when I was trying to just speed up one piece though. If I did complete all, it went through just fine.

Same for me

Besides the above, does anyone know any other way to make it work? :joy: wanna speed two pieces only, haven’t the rubies to do all :cold_face:

Wait until one is completed, then complete all :eyes:
Assuming 3 slot unlocked

Ya boy is broke ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Well crud :sweat_smile:


Then, wait for one day (3 gear is completed)? It’s not like one gear requires 12h… hopefully…

Higher level gear does :eyes:


Ya not the end of the world, wanted to “finish” event before changing teams so needed to set two new gear. Wish I had come to forum first :joy:

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Changing teams​:open_mouth:…yea I lurk, only for the Zaddy would I comment though​:rofl::rofl:


:sob: you caught me penny-pinching!

Not 12, more like 13 to go from 8-9. If I ever get enough shards to go to 10 I will let you know.


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