Error with event supercharge


Storm just moved off an island and the island didnt get supercharged



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Supercharged Bonus not applying!

I’m getting reports that this is happening again this event, particularly on the fire island.
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Edit: reports from D1, D2, S2, etc


I can confirm this is happening 100%. No bonus x3 points for guardians ar end of fire island which should be supercharged currently.


Fire island just went supercharged :thinking:


LethalFury is having the same issue with the fire island. Storm cleared, we finished it and no supercharge bonus. :expressionless:


Anything being done to award the teams that reached final checkpoint and did boss hits, the bonus points that didn’t apply?

Points need to be added to team VP and individuals…


Need points team wide…


It’s happened yet again. Ticket 1528252 for reference.


This is 10,800 points/VP each time this happens. This is the second time.


This has not happened yet to my team in P2.
Clearly recent events have lead to drastic action: Dread/Dread Ally Nerf. :scream::scream::scream::smirk:

Of all places for this the be popping up, it’s in the most sales-sustaining leauge of all, is it? I’m thinking a fix better be found in a BIG hurry.


@Arelyna @Crisis is there any word on this? Been almost 2 whole days without a response.


It’s a weekend, they are out of office, tomorrow as well. I wouldn’t count on a reply…


A gaming company without support over an event weekend should be shuttered permanently.


Considering that it’s been 2 days, I think we deserve some sort of response.


Not disagreeing, but if no one is in the office to respond the likelihood of getting a response is pretty low.


Agreed. I guess I should clarify that my stance is: the fact that PG hasn’t responded to this publicly by now is absurd. The rational side of me knows there won’t be a decent response, if any, until Monday.